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  1. Happy Birthday rhysy_boi!

  2. Happy Birthday rhysy_boi!

  3. Happy Birthday rhysy_boi!

  4. Happy Birthday rhysy_boi!

  5. What's My T Worth?

    so finally the realisation has set in that fuel prices are never going to drop and the fact I only drive my car on the weekends has brought me to the decision my car costs too much for the thrills it gives me. I've decided to sell up and get myself out of debt so I can start saving towards the ultimate goal of a house while enjoying life (a holiday or two won't go astray). so looking to find out what I might be able to get for my car either as is or if it's really worth it, pulling it apart and selling it stock. The car is a jan 2004 BA Mk1 XR6T Utility with 113,500km on the clock in Phantom purple, cloth trim with purple inserts, never missed a ford servicing. the previous owner cared for it but still used it as a trade ute so paint isn't crash hot but after a wax theres only a couple of scratchs to be seen (no dents) turbo is 20,000km's old as there was an oil supply problem hence the old turbo blowing. which is when I bought the car. since it has had 4 servicings all with fully synthetic oil with less than 7,500km's between changes. also serviced the tranny and diff and both look in good shape. now the fun gear, engine was modded by previous owner with a- typhoon intake K&N filter PWR stock replacement intercooler Bosch 42lb injectors bosch 044 fule pump XForce 3.5" cat and 3" stainless cat back capa tuner running 14psi and 265rwkw which I've retuned to 12psi and 261rwkw by simon at XFT perth. suspension was bought second hand off a suspension shops owner's car, have done 50,000km's. Koni yellow front struts red rears lovell springs all round with the front customised to allow height ajustment. sits about 30mm lower at front and about 40-45 at rear. Wheels and tyres- speedy inferno 19x8.5" rims maxxis 245/35R19 MA-Z1's have travelled 6,000km's since brand new Brakes have DBA slotted discs all round with nothing special in the way of pads. midnight express tint installed about 8 months ago an alarm installed with glass break, tilt, and shock sensors and lastly the stereo was custom installed by myself with- soundstream Tarantula front splits, SS TR800/5 amp SS XPro 12" sub SS 2 Farad capacitor Pioneer 8650 head unit the WHOLE interior has been pulled out and sound deadened with a total of about $3000 spent on the stereo plus about 60 man hours installation. also had the exhaust raised to provide legal clearance under the car. anyone want to give some numbers a shot? cheers Rhys p.s. check my b-series site for pictures
  6. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    pretty sure that was me, I was definately over that way on friday arvo sometime and I thought I saw you. Rhys
  7. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    nah I haven't, will have to have a look in a couple of weeks when I'll be parking over there (late shift). one of the 2fts pilots has a shockwave turbo sedan but I don't think it's had any mods done to it. got a crack in my windscreen this morning, good old shire decided to re-lay the only good strip of last years roadworks and had a big rock fly up, bout a $1-20c piece size. glad I was only in the rodeo
  8. Wa Fishing/watersport Thread!

    if weathers alright I might try raffles this weekend but I understand it's getting quite late in the season to get any big ones. also where would be a good shop to grab some crab pots from? cheers guys Rhys
  9. Wa Fishing/watersport Thread!

    went out crabbing last night at mosman. dropped a couple of pots and then went diving round the bay. we only got 2 females and one male and they aren't huge either. anyone know any good spots round that area? Rhys
  10. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    ah I have seen it just didn't recognise it was yours.
  11. Rhr Door Actuator

    I would if you were in perth. as long as you have a T-30 tool you can do it easy as Rhys
  12. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    haven't seen your car up there in a good 6 months. I haven't been driving the ute up there either, fuel is killing me so luckily dad has let me pretty much have his old diesel rodeo and I can aquire free fuel sometimes. which of your door actuators went? if I do fix it for you I can swap you one of mine out while I fix it so you can still drive your car Rhys
  13. Cost Of Wastegate Mod?

    does the car need a retune if you upgrade the housing and flapper valve? just curious as this is what's putting me off possibly doing the labour myself (R&I of turbo etc). personally I feel I'm more than competent with the tools just a matter of whethe rit needs a tuner to look at it. Rhys
  14. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    I did mine steve, cost me $2.20 for a pack of 8 screws. but I used a lathe, tap, drill bits and alraldite from tafe. if you haven't fixed it by the next time I'm at tafe (april 28) I'll happily fix it for you. do you still work up on base? Rhys

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