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  1. *** Update *** Span up 304.6rwKw today ! KPM 1000cc injectors Walbro 255 Venom dump and cat Plazmaman 800hp cooler kit Also, DBA T3 rotors all round, with PMu ns400 pads Full service of ZF, and installed PWR heat exchanger Really happy with the results Special thanks to @JETURBO for sourcing and arranging parts for me at a great rate, organizing postage etc etc, and even giving Plaz the hurry up after some delays lol - thanks mate!
  2. great explanation, thanks. You’re correct too about the cooler - looking at the plaz 800hp kit which does indeed include piping and also eliminates the plastic throttle body elbow from what I understand.
  3. Thanks mate! Any thoughts on staying with the stock cooler? If I do, the plan would be for the intune upgraded piping kit
  4. Disapppointed I hadn’t gone down that route from the start, as would’ve saved having to get a retune etc
  5. Great thanks mate! Got to 252kw atw/700nM but was running outta fuel (99% dc), so Aaron backed it off with the end result being 242 (span 221 stock). He also tuned/sharpened the ZF. I found him really friendly, switched on and sensible so wouldn’t hesitate to go (will be!) going back. planning to head back later in the year for injectors, pump, dump/cat and retune. I’m unsure about going for a bigger cooler as it’s my daily, amd only given a full throttle squirt for a coupe of seconds at a time here and there
  6. A deviation from the current discussion, but today (in the spirit of this thread!) my fg mk2 Ute went in for a tune : spun up 223kw ate as a baseline, first retune 252rwkw and 711nM, however tuna mentioned when he looked at the data the factory injectors were at 99.2%, which he felt to be pushing them way too far, so final result pulling it back a bit was 241kw and 648nM, From what I understand the factory fuel system can often get to around 275 reliably, but I suppose there is always going to be variation! I think at this stage I’ll sit on it for a while, and when it starts to feel slow again, take another (considerably more expensive) leap!
  7. Thanks again for prompt advice!! noob question ... what do I use to replace the space where the factory filter was? As in, does it need to be a new length of hose/line for example (excuse my poorly worded question!)
  8. Hi all, Apologies, but my poor skills in searching the forums didn’t really help me... I am am hoping to clarify from you all, the preferred approach to managing the turbo oil line filter issue, is is there a consensus as to whether removing the filter altogether, as opposed to replacing with for example an earls kit is the way to go? lastly, are there any links to threads that provide details/tips for the DIYer on either/both of these options? Thanks again folks!
  9. Thanks for all the advices fellas; going to go for just a tune at this stage, and save a few more pennies in order to do a big package early next year, and do it right from the start! thanks,
  10. DTM automatic transmissions and performance, I’ve wondered whether the standard turbo would run out of puff at 320+ however ?
  11. Thanks! The workshop have have also mentioned that if I were to add an “external waste gate actuator” (I think I have this correct, apologies if not), then 320-350 would be more the zone!
  12. Hi all, Long time lurker here, and have to say I’ve found the forum wonderfully helpful, thanks! My 2012 FG Ute is booked in for the following (has K&N panel filter and intake muffler delete at present but nothing else) Plazmaman 800hp cooler and piping xspurt 725cc injectors upgraded fuel pump (apologies, not exactly sure which model) xforce dump and cat system (rest of exhaust will remain stock) ZF tune and dyno tune using HP tuners from my discussions with the team and what I read here, this should achieve 300kw atw without too much trouble! also going to do plugs and coils before it all goes in, any my other thoughts or recommendations ? thanks!

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