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  1. A wise man once said "crappy coolers are a thing now" [emoji848][emoji848][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Cheers bud [emoji106][emoji106]
  3. Once again I cant thank mr jet for his awesome work. I've had my car tuned/looked after by Aaron for the past two years and every time he has worked on my car I can honestly say that I've been more than happy with not only his genius for the turbo falcon but his professionalism when looking after his customers is second to none! However, on this occasion, Aaron has exceeded my expectations above and beyond to a whole new level for which I am truly grateful. I can not thank Aaron enough for transforming my pride and joy into an absolute BEAST on the streets!! Car is now BETTER THAN EVER so cheers to you@Jeturbo [emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869]
  4. Hi mate, I have had@jeturbo as my tuner for the past 2 years now and I would highly recommend him. He's an absolute wizard with the turbo falcon! You will not be disappointed [emoji16][emoji16]
  5. Hhmmm not sure wat happened with the last post...mustn like the F bomb...n e way was gunna say its F'N great, never knew my car had such potential [emoji123][emoji123][emoji123]
  6. Well....memba that day u took me 4 a "test drive" afta a tune.....times that by 10....never bin betta [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Its I <3 Bananas great!!! Never knew my car had that sort of potential [emoji123][emoji123][emoji123]
  7. Top notch!!! Great work as always mate [emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869]
  8. Mrpunk

    Please help!!!

    Hey man...yea all is fixed....car is amazing now all thanks to the amazing work of@jeturbo...he has helped me out immensely!! Had to replace my turbo 3576 couple weeks ago so he popped in a shiny brand new one. So yea lovn life once again now my baby is back n boostn betta than ever. Hope this answers ya queries
  9. When ya havn withdrawl symtpoms coz ya havnt driven ya baby in a coupla weeks coz shes ferkd but ya know shes in good hands.....ahhhhhhhh (insert satisfied exhale) [emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869].....this guy.....[emoji108][emoji108]
  10. This guy should be on the side of a building.......cos hes a ledg ???. Everytime he does something to my beast im always more than impressed/happy with his work....which makes a change from the sh*tty dealerships/mechanics ive had to endure here in adelaide.....kudos to you azza [emoji869][emoji869][emoji869] *cos hes a ledg!!!!! Oops....lol
  11. FOOKIN MINT [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]
  12. If any FG owners want to have their car tuned by an extreme expert I would HIGHLY recommend@jeturbo, he'll point you in the right direction gauranteed I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  13. Just want to say a massive sincere thankyou to the absolute LEDGEND himself@jeturbo....finally got my beast back after he finshed tuning/fixing it. I was a bit nervous about the whole process ( you know what if he cant do this what if he cant fix that etc etc) as id had alot of bad luck/experiences with cars in the past but the man has exceeded my expectations far beyond belief!!! My car goes like it should now and the power levels that just keep on climbing and climbing througout the gears is F'n orgasmic. I can not speak highly of this guy, not only is he very professional in his work, work ethics and tuning he is actually great guy to deal with also which makes the experience just that much better. Becoming a member of the 300 club also made it even more special. I highly recommend@jeturbo to anyone in SA or wherever you may be around the country if you want to unleash the full potential of your pride and joy!!!! Once again thankyou sooo much@jeturbo for everything you have done for me it has been a more than immeasurable experience. Oh ps he even gives ya really cool stickers that add an even further 10KW to your car........I know right....the guy just keeps on giving and giving [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  14. Mrpunk

    Please help!!!

    Took it back on monday and they said they would fix it for me, they were actually pretty good about the whole thing. So I thought ok il get my car back monday or even tuesdsy by the latest all fixed and sorted.......its now wednesday and still havnt got my car back!!! Il let yas know what happens though...cheers
  15. Mrpunk

    Please help!!!

    Takin it back tomorow to be fixed....something is seriously wrong...ive done sooo much research before I had everything done.....spent a sh*te load of cash and for what??? Basically nothing!!!

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