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  1. Weird fuel issue

    I don't think the lazy boost is the issue here anymore hey.
  2. Weird fuel issue

    Never pm'd anyone mate. Ask them
  3. Weird fuel issue

    Mate you haven't stopped at me since I put up my dyno sheet. This is the PM you sent me. I've tried to be polite. Make of it what you will. Puffwagon 2,850 Started conversation: 18/01/19 11:37 AM Hey man I checked a bunch of old logs with the stock setup and I thought you might like to have something to compare it to. I also checked the logs with a gtx wheel in a 0.7 housing with the stock crossover in and out, and then the gen2 logs with full exhaust etc. All 3 turbos had a 12 psi actuator, with the bigger turbos having a ported wg too. Now obviously we can't make a direct comparison as there are plenty of factors affecting spool but it's interesting to see the differences. At 30c intake temps, my completely stock intake and exhaust system made 16psi at just over 2600rpm in 4th gear. With the larger compressor housing and wheel, but everything stock still, it made 16psi at just under 3100rpm. I didn't go through all the logs as it already took farken ages but my gen2 gtx35r with stacks of supporting mods big exhaust etc made 16psi at 3150rpm but didn't go nuts until about 3500 or so. The one I checked had 50c intake temps. The main thing is that you're happy with your car, so don't think I'm tryna bring you down or anything. Like I said mate, summer and boost don't go well together! Anyhow mate there's a bit of info for ya. Quote Seriously mate you don't understand the correlation between timing and boost.
  4. Weird fuel issue

    How much timing at idle and at 2psi Gee whiz puff showing your true colours mate.
  5. Weird fuel issue

    Really you want to talk 20 years of V8 NA exhaust set ups. By the way how much timing is in the territory off boost... You said you were happy with it... Yea
  6. Weird fuel issue

    Yea thanks jet, that was always the plan I didn't want it to feel 'modified' in regards to exhaust etc. I'm big on throttle response for my driving style, just feels nicer to drive especially a daily. Ford were pretty close just needed some more power lol. It turns the tyres no probs.
  7. Weird fuel issue

    Its only a joke keithy I am a bit of a weird one but since the medication I've been alright.
  8. Weird fuel issue

    Hey I'm poor plus some of you are arseholes
  9. Weird fuel issue

    Thanks mate. Yea I learnt a lot from this site and members so very grateful for that. Might have to donate another $5 hey...
  10. Weird fuel issue

    It ran a high 10 that car with all the super duper mods.
  11. Weird fuel issue

    This one?
  12. Weird fuel issue

    Is this one better?
  13. Weird fuel issue

    Can't be to lazy 700nm@3300rpm. Lots of timing in it early. Similar to other forced dyno sheets. It has a pod in a housing which gets air from under headlight. Don't want to do the battery thing. Its a daily so can't get to carried away lol. Its had three tunes in it. This one is night and day compared to the others.
  14. Weird fuel issue

    Just standard with a pod. Standard exhaust just cat. I tried a bigger exhaust off dump to merge but lost throttle response which is annoying because its a daily. Boosts quicker now than it ever did. 200000 km motor, turbo, auto. Its in decent knick though.
  15. Weird fuel issue

    Ok how does this look. Race works 1000cc injectors Old nizpro tube & fin with pipes Turbosmart actuator 10psi spring 255 fuel pump Outlaw cat convertor Very hot yesterday, needs valve springs, tuned on pcmtec, valve springs and fuel pump for flex at the end of the year. Still a bit more in it on 98. Was done on a budget budget. Tuner had to work with what he had. Sorry sideways pic. 337rwkw@16 @5000

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