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  1. Howdy So I'm having a problem with my 03 NA XR6, I feel as if the car is running fairly rich and it has been having problems where the car will lose power on the highway or drop revs and feels sluggish to drive, I've replaced a lot of things including; plugs - double platinum autolites new fuel filter new air filter new oil filter new o2 sensor all new fluids and coolant new oil full synthethic hpr 10w-50 penrite 2/5" m/s lukey exhaust pacemaker extractors mace cold air intake new belts I've driven the car hard and very soft for a full tank I'm still averaging 380-390kms to a 68 litre tank, is this average fuel econony? Can I be getting much more? Is there something I've missed? I'm cleaning out the TB today and coil packs are the next guess although my mechanic seemed to think my plugs and coils are fine.. Cheers.

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