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  1. Hi All I've been having problems with the car (BA Turbo auto) going into a limp mode and will only give you 2nd and 3rd gear, I was fixing it by flashing back to stock then putting the custom tune back in, have had the car in at the panel shop for a respray and it has been playing up, now it wont start and cannot reflash at all. Any ideas?? thanks Randall
  2. Hi All Having problems with a BA turbo, on the way home the other day, and notice that the traction control light came on then the Tacho & speedo stopped working followed by all the warning lights around the dash, car was still going so I kept going. At home stopped car then restarted warning lights still on. Came back a day latter car started and no warning lights, a few days later on way home from work same again speedo and Tacho stop working and all warning lights come on, I'm low on fuel so I stop at a servo and now it wont start, check every fuse in the car but still no go. leave it at the servo and come back next morning and it starts up straight away. Keep starting it over weekend all good. drive to work, all good, come out in the afternoon wont start, anyone had similar problems, it has a new battery and checked voltage from alternator and is 14.8V. Thinking of reflashing it to a different tune on the tuner. Thanks Randall
  3. Hi All Got the car back today, bad earth on start switch, they had to load a standard tune the tell the computer that I had a new cbus fitted, take the stock tune out and put in the 98 tune. All up $183. it was booked down as diagnostic repairs so it was a cheaper rate, could have knocked me down with a feather, almost broke the credit card getting in the machine, I didn't want the to think about it again. Thanks all
  4. Hi all Just thought I keep everyone up to date, Ford wont come and look at car at my place (which is 400m up the road) I arrange a tilt tray to take it there($110) Monday as they said the would work on it Tuesday, however when I took it there now they can't work on it till Friday as it needs diagnostics run on it, I feel now that I'm going to be ripped off, does anyone know what a reboot of the computer should cost.
  5. Hi all Fitted passenger seat, air bag light now goes out, security code still on ICC, undid all cable connections and put them back, still no starting. I give up, I'll go to the dealer tomorrow and ask if they can fix it. Thanks for everyone's help I know it's hard when you can't physically see the work.
  6. Hi Can't sleep, drivers seat put back in, doesn't have air bags(haven't put passengers seat in) but I'll try anything at this stage, tried to reflash car, now showing reload failure code 1034 on the SCT 3, pulled ICC out again and checked pins in the back of the unit, all are straight, refitted ICC, now showing system code error on the ICC screen.
  7. Hi I think its in properly as everything on the ICC works, I tried to reload my custom tune with the flash tuner but now its showing an error. but I left my reading glasses at work (getting old sucks), but I noticed that the air bag light on the dash was flashing 5 on then 2 on. does this mean anything. Getting to the stage where I will ask the ford dealer to come out and fix it
  8. Hi ROB83r Yes that was just a stab in the dark from a guy at work , we are just trying to think of any ridiculous reason why it wont fire up, this doesn't look good as the first step in a huge rebuild plan?
  9. Hi Its auto, the dash lights up, the starter button lights up, everything in the ICC works, the console is out but its in park, I have the seats out would this make any difference seeing there's 3 plugs in the drivers seat and 2 in the passengers seat. Thanks
  10. Hi all Followed the original post and was a great help, all back together and everything works but car wont start, (car has ford starter button, has power but wont crank). checked all connections and everything seems good. any suggestions. also checked all fuses. this is pi88ing me off. Thanks Randall

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