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  1. Thanks for your helpful comment mate, it was working fine after the AUTOCROSS. It wasn't until I took the bumpers off that it had any issues, I've obviously messed something up in that process just can't work out what or how and nor does it matter, this is a vent thing, why make a pointless smart arse comment?
  2. don't have one After replacing bulbs both parkers are working but still no brake lights, so I'm assuming most likely brake switch. Gonna book it in with auto elec asap and just get it sorted, gonna get them to look at my seat at the same time because since changing to the leathers the airbag light has been stuck on, I've checked the connections several times, and replaced fuse, I'm guessing it's the power box thing under the seat has a bad connection internally.
  3. thanks mate but nah down in Gippsland Vic
  4. Friday was just a bit of a crap day for me. As I was leaving for work some kind of crap flew out the air vents into my eye, after 4.5 hours of flushing my eye with eye drops and water it eventually got whatever it was out. Later that arvo after I changed my original plans of taking my time in fixing the falcon so I wouldn't have to do it twice, due to wanting my car for today, I rushed to get car back together which because I need to replace several trim clips which I don't have at the moment, meant having to cable tie stuff and not having power tools for the rest of it, and awkward work space, took way longer than it should. After it was all back together I decided to make sure all the lights and stuff worked and found both brake lights don't work and only one parker worked... about 10 minutes after any SCA, Repco or other similar store closed.
  5. Hi All, After removing my front and rear bars and the tail lights, I reinstalled them in a bit of a rush and found everything except brake lights work. If I turn the lights on, the driver's side parker turns on but not passenger side. I replaced the fuse with a spare one, didn't do anything. tomorrow morning I'm going to buy replacement bulbs, fuses and even relays if I can get them at SCA. I was wondering if I'm likely to be dreaming in hoping that it's just the bulbs somehow both got stuffed, or is it likely to be something else? I have heard about brake switch problems, but it just seems to be weird to me that it would fail all of a sudden. I thought fuse, hence why I changed it to see, but it still seems weird that if it was the fuse that one parker would work but not the rest, surely if it was the fuse, all the tail assembly would fail? Any other suggestions? I will see how I go tomorrow, and if no luck book it in with the electrician asap but if it's something minor that I'm not thinking of I'm open to suggestions Cheers, Jer
  6. I only read the last few pages, must've missed something, but why did he get banned for posting the same kind of crap that was getting posted immediately after the NZ attack and generally crap that gets posted in this thread. I thought that in general this thread had become the pointless drivel thread?
  7. On Sunday I pulled off my rear bar and tonight I pulled off my front bar. This is so I can fit up some tow straps for CAMS. Now that I have them both off though, I'm thinking I might as well skip sunday's khanacross and try to repair my front bar's numerous scratches etc, also replace the front foglights (driver's side is cracked) too. I'd love to be replacing the intercooler but can't afford to at the moment, so it remains on the "future to do list".
  8. I have to admit I actually loved Adelaide when I was there last, I could happily live there if I got a decent job
  9. Figured I should probably stop posting on-topic stuff in off-topic thread so will at least post this here... removed rear bar today to start working out where to mount tow strap to comply with CAMS requirements for race events and found in the process what appears to be about half of the autocross track still attached to my car lol. I have since cleaned the bulk of it off, but am thinking I might as well do a proper clean while it is off
  10. thread did but thanks for this, need to remove mine so I can mount my tow straps when they arrive. Do I need to remove tail lights first?
  11. Bloke in a modded Audi RS4 tried to race me on the drive home from Melbourne this evening. I declined, I wish I could say it was out of maturity but it was simply because I knew I had no chance of winning lol I need more power, more clutch, more diff and probably more tire... lots more..
  12. bought a couple of second hand gopros tonight, 1 session 4 and 1 hero 3+silver, should have the session on tuesday, hoping the other one arrives by friday next week too, so I have both ready for a khanacross at Bryant Park hillclimb track on sunday 😄 would have bought a 3rd one if bloke had been legit or didn't just pissfart around with me. we agreed a price, I ask him for his paypal details so I can transfer money.. nothing.... hour later, some excuse, but still no details... another 2 hours later, another excuse, still no details... so I give up on him.
  13. bloody hell, really you guys in the big smoke are paying close to a grand just for a rego? that's just pure crap. Well, even if I do move to the city in the future my car is staying rego'd here I can see lol

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