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  1. Ok then how do I remove the fuel rail? sorry for asking for something like this but as I said earlier I haven't worked on cars for quite a while
  2. they are just normal hex bolts that any spanner or socket will fit on the intake manifold where it joins to the side of the motor, and yes I haven't worked on cars for a while, well not anything with fuel injection, so to take out the fuel rail what do I have to do mate? is it easy and straight forward?
  3. ok just I read in fordmods forum that you didn't need to so thank you and I will do that tomorrow and let you know how I went. I also have all the special ford conections for the as I call them the funny looking ones which aren't elem keys
  4. I have had a mate who is a mechanic and he found that I have an intake manifold leak and that it could be causing most of the problems so I am changing it now but can't work out how to get the second from the front top bolt off for I can't seem to find anything to fit in the spot do you have any ideas? how did you go with the boost leak? was it that or something else for I had spayed airo start all around and the rpms never changed but he found it and said before we put it on the coder that I have to fix this first, but I just can't get to that bolt.
  5. it didn't work so I have put a new fuel filter on and my sensor are working right so I am stuffed what to try next
  6. I have put another throttle body on and have now restarted thhe car it seems the same but after 5mins of running at idle it has gone from idling at 1750 rpm to 1500rpm I'll keep it going for 15 to 20 mins and see if it has gotten any lower
  7. the engine light comes on and yes it is modified, I just put another throttle body on it but hasn't really changed
  8. Hi I have a 2003 BA XR6 Turbo and when I start it, it revs to 3000rpm and then slowly drops down and then it jumps up and down from 500rpm to 1750rpm till it stalls, if I push on the accelerator before the rpms start to come down the car with idle at 1750rpms, when driving and changing gears the during the gear change the rpms will rise higher then it was before changing gears, now I have had error code come up and they are P1270 engine RPM and P2110 Throttle Actuator control system. I have checked for vacuum leaks and found the air pipe that went into the front of the turbo was undone and two other hose clamps weren't working right. Now I have replaced the clamps and reconnected the air pipe to the front of the turbo. I have cleaned the throttle body and checked for vacuum leaks which now there are none, but the car is still doing the same thing, please can someone help me for I am in a real bind and with limited funds for only on a disabled pension, and and all advice would be much appreciated.
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