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  1. I purchased these. OMG what a massive difference it is to have some traction
  2. FPT all the way +1
  3. LOL - fairly sure you can be arrested for that I tried the painted plastic route before this with "special paint" primed it and used heat resist but the sh*t just cracked and made a right real mess. Only thing with this part is how much coolant is in the tank?. Obviously its not as easy to check as the plastic unit
  4. Replaced the radiator reservoir bottle with an aeroflow unit. Before After The dam Aeroflow unit has an additional fitting to the standard unit. Got to be me some hose.. Also the stump on the base of the unit does not fit directly into the slot on the strut tower with the dress side facing. I had to turn it around and now is looks a bit sh*tty with the end of the bolt and nut showing bah!
  5. had 350rkw for about 1-2mnths. Went for more as I wasn't quite at the "HOLY sh*t" point. as for now though... mission success
  6. @[THOMMO] Yer mate I don't know how the big boys handle it 800hp+ = maker of clouds, smoke signals The meaning of it needs "more tyre" becomes pretty self explanatory
  7. racing that 10,000hp HSV and all you spend the first half spinning......
  8. How much is too much power ? check this out 1000rkw - and I have issues with 445 haha https://www.facebook.com/PSIJNKI/?ref=all_category_pyml_rhc
  9. @[THOMMO] I have had mods get me to 3 power levels in my BF 07 manual over the last 8-9+yrs 1st 270rwkw 98- much better then standard still plenty of traction unless dumping clutch hard - was fun but not quite enough (recommend this over standard anyday) (injectors - tune - cooler- valve springs - in tank pump) 2nd 353rwkw 98- (Dump+cat done as it was the biggest restriction) also had a set on Nitto invo's 265/30/19 and the tune wasn't crazy aggessive. This was the best level for power/traction but the car did spin a little at high end revs in first from a stand start but once it was through to second the power was better put to the ground (1st stage + 4"dump and cat) 3rd 445rwkw e85 - Crazy! no traction what so ever in 1st and 2nd and depending on tyre heat it can still feel a little lose into 3rd. I have the Standard turbo and as soon as boost starts it make the tyres FRY!! The Nitto Invo's just shred !! They were great for 350 but now their terrible. Looking at Toyo r888's to see if I can get some more traction. ( 1st+2nd + sh*t loads ) I have a thread I mean 600hp is hell fun but I am of the belief that if you cant get traction then why the hell do you want more power? skids yer! but flat out quick ? no, well kinda.... but lots of crazy wheelspin It goes like this imo ...... traction? yes, ok then I need more power. Then wheelpsin? yes -> ok I need more traction ... can u get more traction yes? ok then add more power. If you cant then what do u want anymore power for? The 2nd stage was the best for street imo and I felt I could drive the car more. Now with 445/600hp you cant really use all of what you have and is a little excessive in a manual on the street. That said if your not in boost then you have no problem. My Mrs dose not have any issues as she never boosts. that's said an FG Auto is a different world that I don't of so I cannot comment on that
  10. Car: Bf F6 07 Trans: 6 speed manual npc 550kw clutch twin plate organic Power: 445rwkw (e85) Boost: 20 trailing down to 17 Intercooler: Nizpro stage 1 Induction: PWest Airbox 4', Batt reloc Kit Turbo: Stock Valve Springs: Crow Exhaust: 4" dump and cat into standard rear section Fuel system: Process West Surge Tank (Twin 460)/Billet Rail/S2 Fitting Kit, Bosch 1250cc injectors, Pwest plenum Spool Billet Oil Pump Gears ARP2000 Headstuds Tuning Xcal3 - FPT - Forced Performance and Tuning
  11. Forced Performance and tuning Toowoomba - very good check PSIJNKI vid JET066/cranky6
  12. Meant no offense bud. Mine made 353kw at 13pisi with similar gear. Was just making comment
  13. What kind of pics/vids keef ? Ive got a few in here already What will suffice ? haha
  14. What a piece of cake to fit. Maybe 2hrs with 2x guys ( it did take about 4-5+ hrs as we took a pub break in between haha). Handling has improved the large bumps don't rocket through the car and make the loud bang/shud noise it once did. It feels a lot tighter going into corners at higher speeds and your not worried about postioning yourself in the seat and steering it so much. It is a bit stiffer then standard at the moment around town. I haven't changed any settings as Brett set them up to his recommendations before they arrived. So I've got no real excuse now not to take to some events. The nitto invo's are a bit of a problem though.. Oh well time to fry these off and look at toyo r888's as suggested Im gonna have to try this new rubber on the 19"x8 twist rims that's on it as finding rims to fit over brembo's is tricky and I only really want 2 for traction purposes. 445rwkw if a handful in a manual and trying to find a way to get into ( decent throttle amount) without spinning the rears dosent seem possible 3rd gears pulls is were u gain more traction/control crazy fun but
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