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  1. Alright for the guys that want to meet up in Heathcote we will stop at the Caltex (1344 Princes Hwy) at around 7:30pm and leave at 7:45pm that should get us down there by 8:30pm.
  2. Been a while since my last forum cruise so in for this one. Any of the Sydney guys want to meet up at Heathcote or something and cruise down?
  3. I'm thinking DIY, get in there and change just the worn out parts yourself. Why pay 5k or so for a small issue such as slip in 4th.
  4. Is there a reason why the friction and steel plates cannot be replaced for new items in clutch pack E on their own? I dont see why a full rebuild is needed unless you wanted to beef up the trans...?
  5. Yep the rules have changed at wsid or sydney dragway as they call it now anyway. Back in 2010 whenI ran my first 11 they waited for me when I came back and I had to buy an Andra licence to stay for the night, glad all that crap is over. They did not bother me last month running a few 11's. Oh and you dont need MT's all the cool kids are doin 11's on street tyres these days...
  6. If I was you I would spend some more time reading around the forums here. You have plenty of examples showing you what people have done to their cars to achieve a certain power level. You would be happy with 280rwkw and want to fit a full exhaust? Have a look under your car and see how big the standard exhaust really is the Jap imports upgrade to similar systems we run stock! How much is your BA worth? 7k is a considerable amount to spend on go fast mods. I'm just trying to put ideas into your head but at the end of the day you should do what will make you happy.
  7. F6turbo

    No Cat

    Forgot they went backwards in the FG Throw a B series turbo on it and you will get there. Sure there is, all cats restrict the exhaust somewhat so you are losing power. Mine doesnt shoot flames or stink or sound much different to a 100cell cat. But it does make more power on less boost.
  8. Are people still having their ZF's tuned? Not much talk going on here about this software that we have all been waiting for such a long time to arrive.
  9. F6turbo

    No Cat

    With no cat 350+rwkw is possible with the standard exhaust. I dont see how people are shooting flames without them if the car is properly tuned? I do remember following a wrx one night and he had flames coming out on every gear change just cruising.
  10. Wish I had 400kw+, you can fit 295's under the FG mate do it and run a 10! Mine is tune related, it is a little better now it used to chirp into 4th at 140kmh before :o I will be taking it back to the tuners until it is fixed.
  11. Car is making 354kw now but I am having a problem with the 3-4 gear shift it is lagging bad. I was running 120+ with 330kw so once sorted the car will go a bit quicker. 60' for that run was 1.875 launching on 3-4 psi. My Invos are 275/30/19
  12. I was out there on my bike on the 13th. Spoke to you for a bit, very close to sub 2 min now keep it up
  13. Not having the rear wheels on the car should give it a few more kw's. Who cares about a dyno sheet anyway, run it on the strip and the MPH over the finish line will tell you how much power you really have.
  14. BOSCO is on this forum isnt he? I want those brakes!

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