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  1. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    What ever turns you on fluff. I have always been a gambler. Its just my DNA, so shoot me. Just let you guys know, although I am single, I do have a life, and I must keep an appointment I have. Good day god bless and blackjack.
  2. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    The last 17 years I have taken 2000 a week to the casino. And before the accident in 2000 I was doing the same. Choose no kids and you too can gamble. Or race cars like fluffy.
  3. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    Turbo 6 is the best engine ever made in the world as far as I am concerned. Just driving a 6 T sedately reveals how much better they are than the boat anchor 5.4. And when pushed hard they come to there fore even more. But I decided to buy my GT over a 6 T more for nostalgia than anything else. And it still shocks my passengers when I go full throttle. Look at the cat, then look at your profile. It looks like you fluffy. I know right. What is a gif ??
  4. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    I bet you have. My Torque is 765, but who can believe tuners.
  5. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    You just made me laugh. Because what you described, is me in a nut shell. I will even cross a train track when the train is only 40 meters away. But, and this is a big but. When I am obeying the rules and a car enters the forbidden zone, it angers the sh*t out of me. Especially if there hole is spewing soot. What the fck. I am just a car enthusiast, like the rest of you guys.
  6. goeer's still a dipstick

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    I rubbed some Oakwood leather hydrating cream onto my serpentine belt, and also added an additive into my oil called mos2.
  7. goeer's still a dipstick

    Mph with a 3582

    No joke. But in how many seconds ??
  8. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    In the car manual, I think its called speed alert. But I am not sure. Its just an alarm that goes off when a set speed is reached. Don't forget, I have a BA, I am not sure if this option was available with BF, FG. I also had a Vs Calais 5.0 20 years ago, and that car also had speed alert. These are the only two cars I have found speed alert in the menu system. Maybe there was others, I am not sure. 5 cyclists die each year in SA. 15 more are maimed for life. There would be many more deaths in Melbourne and Sydney, considering you guys have 3.5 times the population as us. It doesn't matter where we ride. If you kill, or harm us, you are in big trouble. !.5 meters is the law in SA. Its 1 under 50 and 1.5 over. The most dangerous thing to bike riders and the general public is soot.
  9. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    arronm, I like how you don't have capitals, or any stupid sh*t in your user name. Keep it simple is my motto. But have you tried a 100 -200 time in your car. Don't worry about the coppers, its all over in no more than 7 seconds time. Thanks for calling me gooer. I thought I was dipstick. It doesn't matter. If you kill a cyclist in SA expect 7 years.
  10. goeer's still a dipstick

    Mph with a 3582

    I don't give a I <3 Bananas about...Your'e so coherent it puts me to shame. Have you ever timed a 100-200. Forget a pansy quarter. I am taking 100-200, its very simple. If you have not done this, you must be driving a pansy car. I do it once a week. I don't need to wait for track day. You 2 can do it, if you try.
  11. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    It looks like you I once pumped a cat full of dope, and it looked like your post. Its making me dizzy. Could you please delete it. Could you guys please tell me what your 100-200 times are. There not drag times, but if you have a fast car it only takes 6 seconds to reach 200 from 100, so surely you rev heads have done the same test I have performed over, and over and over. And there is definitely no need to go to the drags when its all over in a little over 6 seconds.
  12. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    Finally, somebody acknowledges my post. I thought I was posting in my dreams. I posted my 100-200 time 5 times. But nobody responded. I thank you very much. And, yes my times are not drag times but they are accurate, because I have used 3 different stop watches. I push stop when speed alert sounds. Considering the time lapse between the alarm and me pushing the stop button I have estimated the time is 6.3. But to be truthful when I hit the stop button 6.9 is showing on the clock.
  13. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    I love your philosophy. There is to many young people having kids just because they think its what is normal. But what you are doing is normal. Follow your dreams and nothing bad will happen. (we are still not friends) I am just observing what you stand for. And I like it. In south Australia, a motorist must provide a 1.5 meter gap between your car and the bike. If you do not, expect 7 years in prison. This is a just law, and non compliance will see you in prison. What have you guys got against pushbikes. They have the best mode of transport for over 200 years. There design has not changed in all that time.
  14. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    Why. I have only just mentioned that I ride a bike and hate cars that spew soot. It doesn't matter, I am going out and wont be replying anymore today. You guys have plenty to talk about without me.
  15. goeer's still a dipstick

    Goeers thoughts

    I did that then sold them back in 2000 when I was unable to walk for 2 years due to a car accident. I played the Aussie stock market day trading and turned 300000 into 700000 in only 2 years. Then I thought gees, what if I played the currency market where they have leverage of 100 to 1. Basically what that means is they lend you 100 times what you have in your account.. So I had 70 million to play with. I also had all the worlds stock markets and commodity markets available on the one account. I was making and losing 30,000 a day (mostly losing) I always held onto my losing trades to long hoping they would reverse and always sold my winners to early. Long story short, took me only 6 months to lose the lot. At least I own my car and house but things could of been so much better.

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