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  1. Happy Birthday flappist!

  2. Happy Birthday flappist!

  3. Happy Birthday flappist!

  4. Happy Birthday flappist!

  5. There have been several threads around about F6 owners and whether or not they have bought their car to replace a V8 in the search for more performance or not. The zealots from all sides have tended to get a bit upset so the idea of this poll is to show just howm many F6 owners previously owned V8 falcons or holdens or if the F6 is just a progression from XR6Ts or jap turbos or none of the above. If your previous vehicle was not a "performance" model e.g. XR6 N/A, Fairmont, Terri, SV6 or whatever please tick the "first performance car". Mine was a manual BA GT-P in blueprint. N.B. Yes there is a similar poll on another totally anonymous forum
  6. There is no model specific data. My build plate is "F6 Typhoon 0217" (ba2), a friend of mine has EXACTLY the same build plate in his BF. The types are GT, GT-P, Pursuit, Super Pursuit, F6 Tornado, F6 Typhoon, F6 Typhoon R-Spec, Force 6, Force 8, GT 40th and Cobra. Apart from the obvious ones that are only one year the exact plates are repeated over and over again. My GT-P (BA) was build 0066, it is blueprint, the BA Mk2 GT-P build 0066 is lightning strike and there are two others BF & BF2..........ALL ARE IDENTICAL Does this make it clear?
  7. And FPV made both of the Force 8s...... In the original BA there were over 1100 GTs
  8. At least you got your CDs back, I am still waiting for mine...
  9. I went from a GT-P to a Typhoon and never looked back. Well that is not 100% true, I did look back a couple of times to try and see where the V8s were but they were too far behind......
  10. No the cars for cancer one is sitting in my garage.
  11. No FPV has DSC. When I asked David Flint why he said it was for cost reasons.
  12. I used to have one, it seemed pretty good to me while I was blatting all over NT at 200 to 250 km/h with an outside temp of 45 deg. I did 85,000 km and had bugger all problems. It went well, handled well and was very reliable. True it was not as quick as my F6 but then it was far easier to drive and much more forgiving as well as being more comfortable. It was a brilliant grand tourer and if I were to choose between a GT-P and a F6 for long distance travel in woop woop I would choose the GT-P. On the other hand for short blats (up to 500km) and buzzing around in the traffic the turbo is definitely the go.
  13. Q: What do you call a XR6T with a GT body kit, stripes and a bonnet bulge? A: A sleeper.....
  14. I have a photo of it somewhere. If I can find it I will post it later. I took it at southside ford about 6 months ago. The rear tyres were a bit sad then. I suspect it has been "demoed" a lot. Still, it looked very nice and it is a super rare colour.
  15. flappist


    1) He works in the motor vehicle industry, yeh he wouldn't fib would he (assuming he even knows) 2) There cannot be an "old flash" in the flash box as it always reads the latest one out of the pcm into it when you change from factory to "zoom". If your car was reflashed while it had a "zoom" edit installed the flash box will no longer work as it thinks it is a different car. 3) If the flash were detectable then this and several other forums would be full of people b**ching about warrany voiding on their cars. There have been NONE and as the flashers have been about for a bit over a year I suspect that they really ARE invisible. Also the retailers have stated as much in WRITING, if they are not as stated then this constitutes fraud and that can be really bad for your bank balance. N.B. the BF uses a different PCM to the BA (silkyoak rather than blackoak), these may be detectable as they have nor been fully explored as yet....

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