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  1. Thanks guys, I thought it was a bodge job, most likely due to wrecking the original threads / nuts The filter I removed has 8mm barbs on either end but otherwise looks similar to the stock filter. The fuel hoses were all cracked. Not even EFI hose either. It was like that since I got the XR6 in 2015 when it was 3 years old. I took a pic but have up trying to post it, too hard. cheers Mick
  2. Hi all, seeking a little advice on my FG Mk2 na. It developed a massive petrol leak from under the car. Obviously it was from the Fuel Filter. When I got under to check it was leaking from fuel hoses that were connecting the fuel filter to the fuel lines. Now, I thought all 4.0 falcons used a fuel filter with nuts that screwed into the fuel line. SO, question, has mine been bodged up some time before I got her? Or did some come from factory like that (I doubt it very much) If it is a bodge job I may take it back to ford and replace the fuel lines and filter with correct parts.
  3. yeah, could be different... Anyway, I will have a fool around with my laptop and forscan when I get some time. I will post if I find something useful. Cheers.
  4. Hi, no no turbo, just n/a. I can try a laptop, might be useful for vehicle analysis anyways.
  5. masda, I already had the FORD PIDs loaded. I had already tried the only Ford Engine Oil Temp PID which was 221310. It did not work and I got nothing out of it. I had already tried to edit that PID and altered it to be the same settings you have and that did not give anything. After your advice I tried to edit it again and still no joy. So, maybe my XR6 does not have a temp sensor?? Anyway, thanks for the help, much appreciated mate. Cheers n beers. Mick
  6. masda, ok, that is the problem then. I have the 221310 PID but not the 220907 PID. Hmm, I will try to find it and download it. cheers
  7. Hi masda, thanks for that. I will try that setup again when I get the car back from servicing. Those settings were what I had originally and didnt work but I will give them another go. My coolant temp works right away from cold (ie: the current outside air temp approx) and seems to be pretty accurate. I use the generic coolant temperature and not the ford coolant temp.
  8. Hi masda74, I wonder if you could help me out a little. I have Torque App set up on a cheapo Laser 7" tablet using a OBDLink LX and it works great. I find it responsive enough for what I monitor, which is mainly the Trans Temperature. My problem is that I cannot get the EOT to work. I don't get any response when I set it up but the other gauges work (Trans Temp, Trans Gear, Coolant Temp, Battery Volts, Intake Air Temp, Revs & GPS Speed) So could you post your settings for the Engine Oil Temp PID. That would be very helpful. Also, I notice your coolant temp and EOT are pretty cl
  9. Hi guys, hoping someone can help with the EOT gauge on the Torque App. I have downloaded the Ford PIDs and I have the Transmission Temp working just fine. I have tried the PID 221310 and I do not get any connection (so this is not a formula problem) I tired to change the PID number to 220907 and that did not return anything either, so anyone help point me to what I need to do to get the Engine Oil Temp to work? I have an FG Mk2 XR6 n/a Auto and using Torque App and a generic Android 7" Tablet. Cheers n beers, Mick
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