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  1. Hi everyone I have a 2012 FG MK2 Falcon xr6 and have damaged the right hand side mirror slightly. I am wondering if a fg mirror will fit the MK2 does anyone know? Cheers, the mirror is fine, it is the casing around it
  2. Northerly1


    Hi everyone Does anyone what size speakers are in the fg mk 2 turbos please
  3. Hi guys I read on another forum about a separate oil line feed for the Turbo, and that it is something that is always missed. Has anyone actually had any trouble with this
  4. Hi guys Just wondering if anyone has a whirring type noise in turbo above 2700 rpm?
  5. Sorry mate, it is a whirring noise at 2200rpm and sounds a little like a buzz box 4 cylinder or a small lawnmower, it is annoying
  6. You guys are awesome, thank you. Do you guys have a whirring noise voming on at 2200rpm, hard to explain though
  7. You guys are awesome, thank you. Do you guys have a whirring noise c9mi g o at 2200rpm, hard to explain though
  8. Gday Ralph, your a gun mate, thought it probably was, but just jecking, I dont trust dealers, so this is awesome site, do you kno if its normal when using manual mode for it not to change into 1st gear when your say pulled up at the traffic lights?
  9. Is it normal 3000 rpm limit in neutral when revving the car? 2012
  10. Gday mate, im same as you , mine is fg mk 2 and 70ks it is like a whiring sound, does that sound like your noise, sort of?
  11. Gday Phil, I dont mate, apparently the mk 1 to 2 is different though
  12. Hi guys I bought a 2012 xr6 turbo with 70000 km. It has a but of whirring noise when it goes 2200 rpm, its not awful but im just seeing if anyone has it as well
  13. you guys are fair dinkum awesome Thank you for that It looks like part is only available through Ford though, for the XR6 Turbo 2012, this is poo
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