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  1. I had the opposite issue in my BF06 back in the day with the headlights, the auto part worked, so did the parkers, but to manually turn on the headlights didn't work... Fraud told me that there was a known issue at the time with the light switch stork so that got replaced at no charge... fat chance getting that done for free nowadays
  2. I took the car off the road for a while cause I had a company provided car. Put old Betsy back on the road and all it took was 4 days of hard fun and the turbo let go. The company car was a V8 so I kind of missed the whole boost thing. I think what's happened was the stock oil supply line got clogged with some of the old oil and just starved the core and the shaft eventually gave in. Mostly my fault I did change the oil in the car and I did hear a weird sound come from the turbo a couple of times (a high pitched surge sound coming off boost) it should of been a dead giveaway. I was coming down Springhill road one afternoon and pushed the accelerator pretty close to the floor and noticed there was a significant amount of power missing.. Straight home to find a little bit a lot more then your normal shaft play in the turbo Turbo is getting rebuilt now with a GTX core, opening up the internal gate and a bigger flapper to go with it and a new actuator. I thought if it's going to get rebuilt then I won't quit at half time.. Just go all out Hopefully pick up the turbo tomorrow then get some injectors, new FMIC, look at the fuel system and see what can be done there then put it on the dyno and hope it all works ? Left the car on the back burner over the Christmas period but it's time to get back into it. I don't have the company car anymore so I need something with a bit of chilli in it ?
  3. I'm guessing no one really "mans" the admin box I sent Dags a PM but no reply What's done to the new toy Reg? Turns out it's going to take a bit longer than expected to get my car running again :(
  4. Yeah, not in Port Kembla anymore though.. I've moved into Wollongong itself Hanging to move back closer to Shellharbour
  5. found this thread by chance - just took my turbo off and found there was no gasket from the turbo to manifold after reading around I found that it's actually normal.. either way I'll be putting in a gasket when the turbo goes back on im a little bit a lot years late on replying to this thread, but if it helps anyone else in the future - undo the actuator bracket on the front housing of the turbo and move it away to make life easier and you can get a ratchet spanner into there with some decent room to swing, crack her open and then when she's loose enough undo her with your fingers
  6. I've been pretty busy with work had heaps of other cars in between as well.. I slapped some rego on the xr and it only took a few days for the turbo to give way so I am in the process of getting one rebuilt if the turbo is back in time and the car is running I would be on a run I used to see Reg's old car in Wollongong as often as the sun - still had the forum's sticker on it from memory and a lady was driving it. At first I thought Reg grew his hair Do you know anyone that can help me get access to my old account? My recovery email address is an old address that I can't access anymore
  7. Hey Reg I've seen your car around Wollongong a fair bit - did you move down? I'm getting the old girl back on the road, we should catch up soon... preferably a mountain catch up Aaron what are you getting around these days? Last time we caught up you sold the Cobra and had a ute?
  8. Angel#3????? Don't ask how I remember that lol I'm new but not new I can't remember my old password I'm Arjey
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