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  1. Sausage, mash and steamed veg. Can't go past that classic for cheap and easy mass feeding. In other news we're up to 1.5kg of spuds per mash...hate to see what it'll be in 3 to 5 years when the boys are teenagers.
  2. Mmmm sausages, that's on the menu for us tonight too. Haha just pan fried though
  3. Not the mms you want but the ones you deserve
  4. So what did you buy anyway @biddie_fiddler?
  5. Haha yeah I know that There's more to postage than just the cost of the satchel. All that aside, since when does anyone pay that much for postage anyway? Farken golebys only charge $30 to my door and I live semi rural.
  6. I'd be pissed if it was a stuff up but according to the "evidence" it was not.
  7. Lemme get this right...you clicked buy it now and when it arrived you got pissed cos it arrived...well a couple of doors down...as described and at the cost you expected to pay?
  8. Did you know what the shipping was before you paid for the item?
  9. We had a horizontal light socket under the house back in 1988. House was on stilts so fairly normal to be under there. Anyhow I used to get 1 and 2 cent coins, line them up and turn the switch on so they would yeet across the concrete. In other news pulled the power steering pump out of the hectic 5.0 vn today. Farker is leaking so looks like it's getting a new one.
  10. Yeah nah she'll be right. I figured the breaker would trip after a certain amperage.
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