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    Fleet Manager at Mitsubishi & Renault, so love my fast cars, Comp Pistol Shooter.
  1. Not the blower fan! While driving the compressor shuts off and wont turn back on for 20 min. I have changed the HVac, the battery has been checked along with the charging system. all ok. Oh also had it re gassed. Could it have something to do with flooring it and the compressor shutting down so I get more power? I expect it to do this but it doesn't come back on.
  2. Happy Birthday DZITEZ!

  3. Got my XR6T last week and loving it

  4. Thanks guys I put 2 x 12" Focals, Alpine MRP-F600 4 channel bridged for the subs, Another Alpine MRP-F400 (I think) for the Orion XTR62 splits for the front, I used the brackets in the A piller for the Twet's. Only have the stockies in the rear doors for now. I almost had 6x9s in the rear doors but didnt want to cut the car. I will be using this flashing stuff from the hardware store to do the sound proofing, It's thinner than Dynomat but alot cheaper. I have used it on my old wagon and works a treat.
  5. yeah its the one in the profile pic, I'll get some pics but finishing off the stereo first. I have removed the 8" sub and put 2 12" Focals, got the signal from the door speakers and ran fresh wires to the Orion 6.5" splits in the front. Left the factory rears in as I had dont have any yet. It has the white noise down low but will be getting a inline converter which should stop it. I used to have a BF2 Gas Wagon which averaged 17 ltr/100. The Turbo is averaging 11, can't believe that is happening with more than double the Kw.
  6. Hi, I'm so excited because I have just bought an 09 FG XR6 Turbo. Loving it. I used to own a 04 BA XR6T which had to sell due to a business partnership. Don't do it! I have been trying to get another one and finally it happened.
  7. Cannot believe I have never seen this site. Glad I searched Google for Gauges. Great site so far.
  8. Can't wait until I get my 09 FG XR6T

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