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  1. have the converter set up.I have a picture but it is rolling.Or flikering..I have set my machine to output ntsc.What have I done wrong
  2. awsum,can you put up a pic of the plugs etc and hows the ipod video hooked up?Is it thru the yellow video rca?What does the setup consist of?cheers mate,thanx for any help.
  3. anyone manage to make a plug that can display their ipod videos on the icc screen.I think the ipod can be set to ntsc to match the screen.Anybody done this?
  4. I have my xbox to icc all up and running.Problem is I want to add another 2 screens at the back.How do I go about it?My cable from xbox to icc is from asl logistics...cheers
  5. yperv4...how do you handle guys calling your car a "jaffa on wheels" or a carrot on wheels!.Id add some stripes and add a spoiler,maybe some black will look good.
  6. the spoiler is from herrod and the wheels are a hhuuggge 16s.Will go up when I can steal some that fit.Thanx for your comments.
  7. im just keepin it real bro..sorry mate,crikey,yeah mate I forgot the photos mate..Is That Better.
  8. thanx fullas,looks like its tints!!No wonder I dont see any louvred ba's around.
  9. Does anyone have an "aunger" rear louver on their ba??Havent seen one around and wondering if the boot clears the louvre when opening it..Need pics please,also what do people think of them on turbos.Mines a 2002 ba xr6t.

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