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  1. Happy Birthday First Turbo!

  2. Pbr Rear Brakes

    Cheers Guys
  3. Pbr Rear Brakes

    I'm about to fit the 328 mm rear brakes to my FG ute, two questions. Do I need a new bracket for the calipers or will the old one do. Also does anyone have recommendations for some good braided lines for the setup?
  4. Xr6 Turbo Ute FG

    Xr6 Turbo Ute FG
  5. Xyz Brakes

    I know this thread is now old but did anyone have mater cylinder problems with a bigger brake upgrade? Is the factory one sufficent for the XYZ or Brembo 6 Pots ?
  6. Oils Aint Oils <Merged Thread>

    Ok so what in everyones opion is the best oils for For the FG Turbos FG Xr6T Engine Oil? T56 Tremec Oil? LSD ute Diff?
  7. X4 Flash Tuners?

    Thanks for the advise
  8. X4 Flash Tuners?

    Has anyone had experience with buying say a flash tuner like the X4 with Tunes preloaded? I see many on ebay with injectors in a pack. Is it better to get it Tuned by a workshop?

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