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  1. Happy Birthday meshdawg!

  2. Happy Birthday meshdawg!

  3. meshdawg

    New Shape

    Looks sweet essgee. Got mine Friday. Sooooo awesome. Finally after a 3 month wait.
  4. $654 progressive online. 2014 xr6t 31 years old Agreed value $42500 Excess$650 Brisbane. Next cheapest was over $900
  5. meshdawg

    New Shape

    I guess that's better then August. But still feels like a long time to wait. End of July will mean I've been waiting 3 months. I'll be keen to know what "look after me" means. I'm guessing after delivery they won't want to know you. Until 12 months or 15000 Km later . Ha ha they guy I've dealt with didn't even reply to an email. I don't want a new best friend I just want my ute.
  6. meshdawg

    New Shape

    Bugger , that sucks. Thanks mate
  7. meshdawg

    New Shape

    I know this is a bit random, but does the fg mkII xr6t ute have a fixing point behind the passenger seat for a child seat. My triton does but didn't check it out on the ford. Worst family car ever right. Ha ha would be handy though. Cheers
  8. meshdawg

    New Shape

    August, whaaat! That's crazy, but not much you can really do other then wait it out. I'm in Brisbane . Can't say I've seen one in vanish before. I kinda like emperor that would be my second choice.
  9. meshdawg

    New Shape

    Essgee, I signed a contract late April for a fg II kinetic with luxury pack. At the time they told me June build and June delivery. Now they tell me July delivery. I though that they were holding it back to miss the 3 years free servicing on cars delivered by 30th June.
  10. Ha ha no worries , Brisbane . Cheers
  11. Hey there, been reading posts on this site for a while and thought I should get involved. I bought a new xr6t ute kinetic with luxury pack. No photo cause it's not built :-( delivery in July. Hang'n out for it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Ha ha you never know your luck. I hope my triton holds on a little longer. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Hey there , 1st time poster long time reader. I ordered a new xr6t ute in April 2014 and was told it would be built and delivered in June. When it got close they could advise of a built date and when I should expect it. Well I emailed them and they now say July. Wtf? So after looking on fords website they have a deal that if your ford is delivered before 30th June you get 3 years free servicing. Ummmmm coincidence or what. Anyone had the same issue, or any wisdom to share. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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