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  1. @rollex and @DarrylC did you guys anticipate the way PCMTech has grown over the space of the last say 12months? The amount of support out there for what you guys are doing, not just from tuners & workshops, but customers and enthusiasts is incredible. It almost seems like it is driving the development of the product. We (the customer) ask if something is possible and you guys just seem to make it happen (pretty quickly too).
  2. Good info on the K-Mac FUCA camber adjusting kit. I have been eyeing them off for a while now but had the same thoughts as you about their strength but more in the adjustment and locking setup of it. I will give them a go now and do the same and have them rewelded by my fabricator before I fit them. Cheers for the info @absmith
  3. the mca stuff is supposed to be very good. there’s a reason they win open class at world time attack every year in a 180sx. but as jet said, not enough r&d done here. I dont know why they though they could make the rear setup a combined unit. just a shame really as if mca had put some time and effort into developing a quality replacement setup, without trying to make it coilover front and rear, I believe they could have produced a product on par with the shockworks kit.
  4. so the MCA coil overs do combine the springs n shockers on the rear. not sure about that.... can you tell us a bit more about your thoughts on them @JETURBO?
  5. So have Maatouks just claimed the top spot on this list with UBERF6? Saw this morning the purple F6 they wired & tuned for Jammas Auto Sports went 8.8 @ 157mph yesterday in Sydney. It’s on both their FB pages.
  6. So nothing came of the discussions @rollex ? Haltech decided not to integrate your system for tuning ZF? It’s the only feature really lacking for the product and its price. Also, flex fuel with standard pcm would be just...
  7. There is a venom s/s twin system catback on gumtree at the moment. Romulus from AFF is selling it off his g6e.
  8. So despite the press release, I have read that the Haltech won't be able to tune the ZF. It can communicate with it, but not edit it. That's coming from a response on Dyno-Mite Perfromance's FB page showing photos from Motorex over the weekend where a Dyno-Mite car had the new computer on display.
  9. LOL same. Performance car parts distributors like RPM & Tuners Edge must love tax time every year. Every car enthusiast, regardless of preference, comes in for an ATO funded upgrade
  10. $3000-3500 is a bit rich for the average bloke whose not going out to set record times. Probably a bit rich for the blokes who are! Given what has already been achieved with standard PCM.
  11. flex fuel is what will give haltech the edge over pcmtech. unless @rollex & @DarrylC wanna up the ante?
  12. BPR in Geelong might be worth talking too. Never used them but have heard good words from people who have.
  13. Gabbo_32


    Will fit a 1.06 rear housing, but way too much back pressure if keeping the internal gate. External gate setup should be ok. The turbine wheel is something of interest. 9 blade and the profile keeps alot of the weight of the wheel closer to the center near the bearing so not to load it up too much. Procharge in Sunbury now offer turbine wheel that is almost identical, they spent a bit of time doing the R&D and then comparing with the 3584RS wheel I believe.
  14. manifold pressure on both graphs is interesting in terms of rpm (or lack of)
  15. I agree there, it's a waste to not take advantage of the dual independent VCT with any camshaft, factory or larger. I have looked at the list of workshops in VIC, Pitlane and Maxx Performance are close to me. It's more the time spent on R&D on setting up VCT with large cams. I know Joe has spent the time and from what I see has gotten it sorted out now. Not sure if any of the VIC shops have done the same as I don't think the demand has been as large down here.

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