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  1. Happy Birthday crazed1!

  2. Happy Birthday crazed1!

  3. After 9 years of having an atmo venting BOV(Sard R2D2) I decided to put my stock recirc back on. Ahhh the serenity.....
  4. I found that when I upgraded the intercooler my turkey began to gobble....
  5. Happy Birthday crazed1!

  6. Happy Birthday XRDOOM!

  7. Happy Birthday deanodirt!

  8. Happy Birthday F6_jase!

  9. Happy Birthday crazed1!

  10. I know this sound very well, I have the same sound coming from my engine. Mines a BA standard valve springs, I was wondering what the chances are of having a bent valve rather than a bent rod, could the bent valve be stuck open with the piston tapping it every cycle? I guess im going to comp test it and see if its top or bottom, Im over the guessing game.
  11. crazed1

    New Members Thread

    I found this place again, though not a newbie I have been absent due to a rebirth of another interest so I thought it would be fitting to re-introduce myself. Name-Paul Car-BA TURBO UTE (bent rod) The Old Interest That I found again- Music, which if interested in hearing can be found here My link or here JJJ UNEARTHED
  12. Tip; find a good laundry service that will help for a while till you figure it all out
  13. anyone got picks of the rears
  14. whatever the cost whatever the extras always drive away with a FULL tank of fuel, FULL TANK! that's the least they can do for our automotive pleasure.

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