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  1. Happy Birthday fpv09!

  2. Happy Birthday fpv09!

  3. fpv09

    Fg Head

    is the combustion chamber the same.as the n/a head has 1/4 of it filled in around the inlet valves
  4. fpv09

    Fg Head

    looking to find out if the fg turbo head is the same as a fg n/a. I have a fg n/a head and whating to put it on a fg build turbo
  5. ring herrod for ids genuine. you get every thing you need for your tuner and they are top people to deal with
  6. fpv09

    Fg F6 Turbo Stock

    I have a set of id 1000 to put in it. iam going to build a forged engine to be on the safe side geting a nice head done stage 2 cams std turbo but with waste gate done and .70 cover gtx wheel mod by pro charge very well looked after iam only go to run 12 pound and I think that should see me over 400+rwkw
  7. fpv09

    Fg F6 Turbo Stock

    what do you think there's more done or its all bull. got nothing to prove if iam making it up only kidding my self . do for the love of playing with cars
  8. fpv09

    Fg F6 Turbo Stock

    every thing is still stand but the mods.ext and intercooler and piping the afrs are on stand injectors they are still around 11.5 but then run up to 12.5 witch is a little lean for my likeing. I only changed the boost table and the boost power table, changed the timing table to be safe. and the injectors scale a little . and the fuel stoich tables. it is what it is I got nothing to prove iam not after horse power heroes just for the love of playing with cars.
  9. fpv09

    Fg F6 Turbo Stock

    I don't now if this is a good thing. no replays
  10. I need a hand in seting up this car and tuning it with hp tuner got to put a 2 bar map senser in it .a set of injectors. can any help with a tune for this or a base tune but with the map senser and super charger any help please
  11. Iam going to build a forged turbo engine for my fg f6. but it is cheap to buy an n\a engine. can any one tell me if the heads are the same and if I can convert that engine. any help thanks
  12. fpv09

    Fg F6 Turbo Stock

    <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="http://imgur.com/a/eCt4a/embed"></iframe> I have final work it out so this is it this is my toy.
  13. fpv09

    Fg F6 Turbo Stock

    I have just finished tuning my fg f6 with the ext and cat 1000hp inter cooler and pipe I only tuned the boost and taken some timing out. the stand injector are on the limit so never got to deep into it. just a tune so I can drive it. when first got it made 280rwkw ext and cat 323rwkw tune and 1000hp inter cooler I tuned it with hp tuner finished with 390.4rwkw with 16 psi with standard waste gate no turbo modes this was my first turbo tune with hp and playing with the turbo car will try and put up some pics
  14. I have put an ext and a 1000hp intercooler on. iam trying to tune it with hp tuner but logs an over boost code. I can not seem to get around it in the ecu help please
  15. fpv09

    Fg F6 Turbo Stock

    I have an over boost problem.can any 1 help me out. I have hp tuner change the fuel map but keeps over boosting. dtc is saying over boost. when read data logger it says it spikes to 150 180 kpa in the ecu its only 110kpa max can any help me out
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