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  1. Happy Birthday GEoMaNTiK!

  2. Happy Birthday GEoMaNTiK!

  3. Happy Birthday GEoMaNTiK!

  4. Happy Birthday GEoMaNTiK!

  5. Running Vista Ultimate and it's sweet. Only drivers not available are for my UPS (no big deal - it still kicks in when a power out) and a Wireless card for my other computer. No crashes, looks good and has lots of features.
  6. It's not a colour/look that I'd normally go for but I think your machine looks HOT!!! Very different from the usual and stands out nicely, gold strips for some reason look A1. Well done on successfully changing up what every one else does.
  7. My god... both of you GET OUT OF THE WAY, that phoon looks the goods and your messing up my view.
  8. fair point... and our prime minister, little johnny lives right in his back pocket, not to mention the other sidekick tony blair. 3000 us soldiers dead in iraq, how sorry I feel for their kids and families!!!
  9. Yeah I agree, they should have given him a daily routine of torture for the rest of his life... maybe then he would begin to realise his inhumane treatment of others after suffering some himself. This is really the easy way out for Saddam and just leaves the door wide open for his matyr status to thrive and hatred to grow.
  10. Err... these water restrictions are killing the fun of my weekly car wash ritual, before Stage 2 came into play, I loved my time getting close to the T... I've forgotten what it's like. Been using a new car wash in Mill Park which is completely brushless, it's the robot style but nothing touches the car aside from high pressure water. On top wash $13, driving in you get an undercar spray, then wash, conditionier, wax style. You do have the option to give the car a quick wipe over with a very soapy brush which I had ignored for approx 3 visits. It does a good job for a 100% touch free wash, th
  11. Yeah that's what I thought at first, it was almost a proud explanation... But losing your car like this for a number of days and a $470 buck fine, not nice at all. It was either headsex or me sending this message, I'm gonna have to start taking it easy from here on, I don't want the same.
  12. Ahh add me to this list, mine has been doing it for a couple of months now. I've got the ZF auto too, but then I've started to notice a few funny things lately... Vibrations coming from drivers front side, a sound of broken sticks on take off or changing down gears using the manual mode and a rear undercar clunk when taking corners. Might have something to do with the way I now drive the T, driving it hard and possibly too hard.
  13. GEoMaNTiK

    Xbox 360

    Where can you buy a 360 for $500 with a hard drive? I'll buy one if I find it that cheap.
  14. Hey Guys, Have checked out this great new flick from Jeremy Clarkson (of Top Gear). He heads to the states to do a roundup of the best cars (or is that worst) the states have to offer when compared to Europe. Now I got the sense of a very biased opinion and the fact that he has never liked america, anyway this was one enjoyable film. This is a quick brief of some of the tested cars... He takes out various muscle cars from the Corvette Z06 (awesome power), Cadillac XLRV (surprising amount of power), basic Ford Mustang (ok), a '68 Stang (simply draw dropping muscle), then a great coverage of t
  15. BUGGER!!! I need to make friends with a Ford service tech and work through this, I ain't happy... and I don't really want to wait till around 100,000K's and then edit, I'll be asking for trouble.
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