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  1. Use to own 3 xr6 turbo, ba bf fg, now I drive an audi s7, yeah audi definitely a better car, but still miss the old Ford days. Hope this forum still going strong, good luck
  2. Previous owner of 3 xr6 turbo, one bf stock, 2 tuned 500whp ba and fg xr6 turbo. Now I drive an new audi a7 tfsi Apr stage 2, have around 450 hp at wheel. Compared the audi with Ford, with almost 3 months owner ship of audi, 5000km covered . Exterior, I got the rs sport spoiler and rs grill, I would definitely say audi do gets bit more attention than Ford, audi a7 has that coupe sportback look, it just more beautiful than Ford I think we all agree.Audi win on this one. Interior, this is where audi really come to shine, the full leather seat and wooden trim, Ford just can. T match, I Don t think even you do custom interior for Ford can. T catch up with audi.s technology , this is the area Ford lack, audi win. Engine, mine is the v6 supercharged engine, extremely smooth, got stage 2, it pick up boost instantly, but even with stage 2, what I feel lacking is that super torque xr6 turbo delivers, and I also missing the blow out valve noise Ford make, I mean this is where Ford really shine, that engine, so much low end torque all the way up, I would say this engine can hang with all the top euro including amg and m5. Engine wise Ford win. Gear box, I got the 7 speed dual clutch, shifting is lighting fast, it blip on down shift, make this wonderful noise, this is the world class gear box, compared to zf 6, I say a lot faster shifting. But daily drive serious I miss my old torque converter, I mean if you don't track your car on daily base, the zf is good enough smooth to drive, u can actually get on the power earlier with the zf. S tronic has lauch control but I actually find it slow compare to the good left foot brake right foot gas zf, sure it Rev and hold, who got time to turn traction control off and time it right at the light, u want it just boost it all the time, lauch control only good for magazine numbers, for real life I don't think I be using it much. For this reason I give 50 50, equal ford and audi. Handling, OK I got both car upgrades sway bar and brakes, I run Michilen Ps4. I would say off the line, that Quatro awd has so much grip, I can floor that gas any weather all day long and it don't slip a bit, with Ford I got be super careful with that Throttle especially in wet. I found audi has the better brake bite. But on the twisty road and on the track, I found falcon rwd actually handle better than the audi, I can get in corners faster. So I would give 50 50 to audi and Ford, another tie. Running cost , OK if you do all your work at audi dealer and u have to pay for it, then yeah audi will cost more, if you do lot of the work your self or take it to someone you know, it.a actually not that bad, Ford running cost is not as cheap as someone think, during my ownership, I spent quit a bit on fixing stuff. So owing an euro, my advice, get a mechanism insurance, it's worth every cents until something major break.my fault with audi so far including window washer leak, air con pump noise, and failed coil, but with Ford first 3 months I got more problems than audi lol. For fuel economy, surprisingly, Ford use less fuel, that 3.0 tfsi actually have very bad daily city drive millige compared to ford, I give running cost to Ford win on this one. Driving status, OK both my Ford and audi got body kits, I always polish and clean it when I go out, I get more head tuning on audi then Ford, this is true, u get this upper class feeling. I not say audi is an better brand, but that's what most individuals think, Ford need work hard to achieve that audi status, it's not the car, just how brand in peoples mind, audi win on this one. There you have it, that just my true driving test review, our xr6 turbo is getting old, and nothing last forever, one day you guys all sadly have to upgrade and move on like me. Big sedan maker, hsv has stop production, kia stinger is bit poky, lexus and infiniti do not make that size class, hellcat and cts v I. M not sure they sell them here, I think euro is the only way to go, it's seriously not that costly as some might think of, this my first euro, and I quit enjoy it everyday. Audi is quit a good daily driver with a mix of everything, not a great track car, good straight line drag racer, on big open road it actually handle quit good, and bad wet weather this is where awd really shine, if you want hardcore performance I think bmw m5 is a better car on the track, amg e63 s also an good alternative. My next car will be an rs7 for sure, great daily performance. Good luck with all the xr6 turbo guys, hope you guys car all last long and healthy, every time I see an falcon drive past that is something I truly missed. Peace.
  3. Mate I feel you, sometime when I. M driving the audi, I miss my falcon so much, I miss that turbo rush, the torque, the noise. The audi is a nice car, 3.0 tfsi I got stage 2 tune making about 450hp. Straight line performance is good, response is good, but the twisty road, audi Don. T handle too well, I got aftermarket Swaybar and Michilen tyres, but will not match my falcon around track. What I really miss is that huge boosting punch from that inline 6, and the blow out noise. Man I feel like I made wrong decision give up my falcon really. That 3.0 tfsi is no match to the inline 6. I just Don. T like supercharged engine, the 7 speed s tronic is very rough shifting around town, only Pro for audi is when raining, u can still have full grip Until my next car rs7 is ready, hope audi don't disappoint.
  4. Previous owner of an tuned 320rkw xr6 turbo, now I drive an stage 2 tuned audi a7 3.0 tfsi superchager. What I miss from the Ford is that low end torque, something audi is missing, it might be stronger in the rs7 model, but compared to the v6 supercharged, even the audi is stage 2 tuned, it just missing that torque feeling of the inline 6. Everything else the audi is better, handling, traction, interior, and the s tronic 7 speed dual clutch. But that xr6 turbo engine is surely something be missed, I reckon a good set up of that inline 6 can hang with most top euro cars, including the audi twin turbo v8. And to all the following members, our xr6 turbo is getting older and older, nothing last forever, what is your next car? Sadly I do not see much choice on big 4 door sedan except euro car. I choose audi cause 4wd, it will be a killer combo if the audi quotro awd match with the xr6 turbo engine, best of both worlds
  5. Recently brought an audi s5 sportback supercharged, surprisingly it feel very responsive and lots of torque even stock. Plan to do the whole mod routine, so my xr6 turbo will need to go. I tuned my turbo from 38k on clock, now 100k later, still enjoyed every moment of the time. Bring back so much memory of it, my ex girlfriend brought that car for me, serious just like people, time to move on. I hope the new owner who brought my car can still enjoy all the work I done, it still a mint car, with turbo rebuilt 30k ago. I will do one of the best polish before sell my ride, do a nice service, just a sad feeling like having an old friend left. Thanks help with all the xr6 turbo guys for advising. If Ford do make those big sedan again one day, I be still keen to get in. Good luck guys and wish all the best.
  6. Having owned and tuned 3 xr6 turbo now, a ba bf and fg, now my car is pass 100k getting old, this bethe last year I keep my falcon before change to something else. Having actually test drives a few car, kia stinger, evo x, gtr35, and Audi s7. None of them impressed me that much, maybe because of my fg xr6 turbo is 320rkw tuned, other is stock, I did not find a huge difference in straight line acceleration, kia and evo have very bad lag compared to the fg. Gtr35 is an brilliant car, but only in manual mode, if u drive in auto the shift speed is terrible slow, at least in stock form. I must need a car with 4door big sedan and sunroof, so gtr is out of question. An Expensive Daewoo HSV gts might fit the options but not really a big fun of superchagers. Left my only choice with audi s7 ( a detuned version of the rs7), a simply tune and some pipe work make it 600hp easy. I think this be my next year upgrade. Any other suggestion would be helpful, after an 4 door big sedan, with good mod potential, not too expensive to maintain and fix, not really a big fun of m5 or c63, budget is under 100k including mod. Anyone has some experience with the audi twin turbo 4.0 v8? Seem like a decent engine to tune some power just like our xr6 turbo, plus dual clutch and awd, almost like an gtr sedan, but the s7 is heavy as hell, over 2 tone, this thing be a good dragster and highway cruiser than track day car. The maintenance cost surely definitely lot more than our xr6 turbo, I wish Ford still make the falcons. Seem like these days, big power comfy 4 door sedan, not much car factory manufacturing them anymore. Sad things is, when our falcon gets old, we all need to choose to let it go and move on, nothing last forever. Cheers guys, thanks for advice.
  7. While out xr6 turbo is getting old, discontinued, kia is bring out a new 3.3 twin turbo v6 , could that be the new xr6 turbo? Should get good number with a good tune
  8. Hi my fg has done 100 k, got an set of upgrade spring, my mechanic say he will not fitted with the factory retainer, it will not hold the extra pressure of the stronger spring. Is that true? Has anyone change it with factory retainer be fine? Should I go ahead and fitted?
  9. Fg xr6 turbo, cost me 3 gran for rebuilt , will a brand new turbo cost only about 2 gran , 3000 Inc fitting and fix waste gate rebuilt turbo fit new valve spring is reasonable price?
  10. Hi guys have a 2010 xr6 turbo, my abs pump system fault, got it scanned, says abs pump molecules failed. Now source a second hand unit, those parts are off from g6e and xr6 na model, just wondering is it the same parts? Or the turbo version has a different abs and disc program? I.m waiting to buy the parts, urgently help need it, please advise me thanks
  11. Now the abs light come on too, if I clean and replug the abs sensor will that help? I check my brake light seem all working fine
  12. When I.m driving yesterday, the dsc fault light suddenly come on the dash, I stopped the car checking all my lights, all works fine. What could be the problem? Abs light never come on, dsc light only come on and off,.When I restarted the car, it went off. Then back on. I had a flat batteries before, could that be the cause? This time of the year all dealers are closed, I.m off to a long trip next week, any advice I can fix this? Thanks
  13. my 320rkw fg turbo 100k only recently blow blue smoke sometimes, not that bad just light blue smoke, not doing itall the time. what could be the problem ? turbo seal? piston ring? blue smoke means burning oil, apart from keep top up oil, what other damage would do if I just leave it ignored? plan to add a bottle of engine repair see if help please help me
  14. since they both inline 6, is it possible to fit xt6 turbo engine and tran combine with the gtr34 awd platform, could handle lot better, is it do able?
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