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  1. Happy Birthday angus!

  2. Happy Birthday angus!

  3. Happy Birthday angus!

  4. Happy Birthday angus!

  5. Happy Birthday angus!

  6. that's the same story they told me when I had 200k,s on the clock when I purchased my ba mk 2 just another bs story from fraud
  7. Yer it does robbo I had an xw gt lined up too.
  8. The driver and car I had organised for my wedding day in two weeks rang me lastnight to inform me that he will now be unable to drive myself and the bestman to the wedding. So I am in urgent need of a replacement car for the 10th of january 09 at about 3pm on the northside of brisbane. anyone intersted please pm me asap
  9. angus


    Its getting serviced on tuesday so will get a new one done while it is there
  10. angus


    Thanks for the advice senna was just looking at the process west ones they look like a quality item does the car need to be retuned when doing a pump upgrade?
  11. angus


    Yes sorry forgot to add that have done the injectors too bosch 968s have been thinking it is the fuel pump too
  12. angus


    I have 2nd cai with k&n filter valve springs are done full 3 and a half exhaust system and edit with custom tune as for when it happens it is around 4000-4500 rpm in 2nd gear. I dont know about 3 and 4th as the clutch isnt up to it at the moment but I new one is on the way.as for the tuner we took it for a test drive when I took it back so he could find out for himself and seemed to have fixed it but has reappeard
  13. angus


    Hi all have had a few mods to my car done a while ago exhaust ,valve springs.edit etc and is has around 290rwkw but when I give it bit now and then it pings have been back to the tuner and made some reajustments and seemed to fix it but it is back again. The only thing I havent done to it yet is change the plugs which a lot of people seem to have done will this help with the problem any tips would be appreciated oh and I do run it on bp ultimate all the time
  14. angus

    Nulon Oil

    Is this oil a full synthectic?

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