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  1. No the noise has been there before the bushes got replaced. Grellow I hear what you saying, it does make that noise on gear change as well, just not sure that if its the bush why would it just make this whining noise in first gear and when coasting? If anyone has any suggestions? But I am leaning torwards the diff being broken down.
  2. Thanks guys, I guess that's the next thing I check out; the diff. Kmart auto suggested rear rose bushes another mech suggested rear arm blade bushes, but might have the diff looked at first. Also had the whining sound looked at by a tech suggested the gear box is on its way out: 2k to fix! Car has done 112000 ks.
  3. Hi Just had my 2004 BA rear diff bushes replaced as it was making a knocking noise from the back somewhere. It still makes this noise on gentle take off. Any ideas please as to what could be causing this noise? Also has a whining noise in first gear (automatic trans) and on highway at about 100kms. Anyone with ideas in these issues please..
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