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  1. Happy Birthday Crosshair!

  2. Happy Birthday Crosshair!

  3. Mk II scored projector headlights.... Plus everything else that has been mentioned.
  4. Just made my day. LOL!! I just recently fitted coilovers + ultralow kings leaves and it has improved my handling immensely.. Best money I ever spend :-)
  5. I was 24 when I bought my F6 Ute (#31) brand new
  6. Thanks for that.. They pretty much confirmed what I had read previously. Pretty devastated to be honest... I knew that eventually FPV's time was going to run out. I think I was just hoping that it wasn't going to be so soon :(
  7. I'm itching to find out some details about the next model.. I heard rumours that ford were holding a media event last month to reveal some details into what will be happening. However I didn't end up hearing anything about that taking place at all.. I'm not sure how reliable they are but, a recent issue of motor magazine foretells that FPV will no longer exist as of next year. Also that they will be re-launching the XR8 (which will consist of what is currently GT running gear), and that they will be releasing the Mustang into the Australian market as there new flagship 'Muscle car'....
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