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  1. Hi there all, Just wondering if I changed my fuel pump in the main tank(because I think its not working) that fills a surge tank. If a replace it with a bigger or smaller one will I have dramas will fuel pressure even though the pumps in my surge are not going to be touched?.....cheers
  2. Hi guys, currently making 450 rwkw with pte 6466 1.07 rear at 21 psi on e85. Has internal gate at the moment but tuner said had to stop it there even though it wanted to make more power because he was having trouble controlling boost pressure. What size external gate would be suffice to push into mid to high 20 to 30 psi and have good controled boost. And yes, motor is built.....any feedback would be great. Thankyou.
  3. Just upgrade the intank pump. I ran a proflow 340 lph pump intank and made 320 rwkw with no issues at all. Just don't get too low on fuel. You should be fine if you don't drive like a madman.
  4. Hey thanks Puff, Do you many people actually stage them mate? I will be running 2 460s in a surge tank on e85 and tuner is a bit worried if one of them fails! I also have a Turbosmart fpr1200 which he is concerned about. He said he doesn't think it will be up to task as far as letting excess fuel go! Any info appreciated....Cheers.
  5. G'day lads. Just want to know if there is any way to stage fuel pumps with the standard ecu? If not how do people go about it?....Cheers.
  6. Hey jet. I see what you mean about aggression. Mine is a manual. Thanks guys....awesome!!
  7. Cheers eff xr6. When you say the housings are expensive.....what sort of coin are we looking at!!Just out of interest.
  8. Id like anywhere 450rwkw plus. Street car no track work. Dont want really want to be on boost all the time. that's why housing size is a concern!! Fact is I already have this turbo so if I could use it...great. If its too small and it can be swapped over easy enough....great!!
  9. Hey jet thanks mate. So I just could swap out exhaust housings. Say a 1.00 would be a straight swap? Im not fussed if I could do it that way. Only thing is currently its a t3 but could I use an adapter to t4? Sorry for questions but I havent found alot of info on it. Its a standard bf manifold too.
  10. Hey lads, old thread I know. But does anyone know how this guy got on with that turbo and that 0.82 rear housing? I would really like some feedback thanks.
  11. Hi Lads, I would like too know if anyone has had any experience with a Precision 6466 with a 0.82 rear housing on their barra. If so I would like to know if you think that rear is too small to make decent power? Also anyone who has tried it what were your power figures and what was the response like....Cheers Lads.
  12. If one was to use a twin in tank arrangement, would it matter if you used walbro "high pressure" 460 pumps as opposed to normal 460s? And Jet, yes I will let my tuner supply and fit, I have trouble changing a tyre....haha.
  13. Hey Sixman, Just the precision housing it came with..... How much boost were you running mate?......
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