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  1. Happy Birthday Blown BA!

  2. Hey Bambie you need a SRT in the photo to make it complete
  3. Blown BA

    4 Speed Auto Finaly Gave In

    I have had my 2 BAs done by Preston Autos and the work is 2nd to none! My car runs 331rwkw and l do drive it hard (as you would expect to) the auto was done by Andrew 2yrs ago and is still to the day as strong as the 1st day l drove it out from there workshop. I don't have an auto oil cooler on it and l get it serviced every 6 months. I can't stress enough how good these guys are.
  4. Blown BA

    Mobile Phone

    Same here l've had this phone for nearly a month and is super
  5. Blown BA

    Friday Night Cruise

    Yeh that's with the Beast Club ....l WAS going to that but weather is going to be the pits tomorrow night
  6. Blown BA

    Bought A New Front Bar

    Teos Panels Quinn St..... Dandy ask for Johnny
  7. Blown BA

    Latest Mods

    I did notice while l was in the next lane driving beside you that the left side of the tip was sagging.
  8. Blown BA

    Latest Mods

    So that was you driving down Princess Hwy lunch time and turned off in Hallam Rd.....l was in the Black BA teasing you Well done mate on the mods
  9. Blown BA

    In-car Gps

    I use the Uniden GNS 8350 and had no problems whatsoever
  10. Blown BA

    Hid Lights

    Thanks Robin yeh they are bright mate you blinded me on the last cruise
  11. Blown BA

    Hid Lights

    What are they worth?
  12. Blown BA

    Hid Lights

    Then what about these,,,,,ohhh dont tell me they are no good either
  13. Blown BA

    Hid Lights

    Have a look at these ones.
  14. Blown BA

    Mt Macedon Cruise

    Awesome pics there Gary glad we got you as our forum photographer
  15. Blown BA

    Mt Macedon Cruise

    What a top night it was although l did turn up just in time for dinner.....if l only had the video camera with me as we were going up the mountain and seeing all those XR5 & XR6 headlights mind blowing

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