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  1. Happy Birthday Gavin.K!

  2. Happy Birthday Gavin.K!

  3. Happy Birthday Gavin.K!

  4. Happy Birthday Gavin.K!

  5. Autotech Tunes Fg Turbo With Aps Exhaust

    Can you still fit the sieman injectors on the fg?? Or are they different?? What did it roll up stock as I thort they were getting great power in standered trim??
  6. Best Beer

    KB in a can the best beer ever made.
  7. Ba Na T56 Conversion

    Oh ok I must of missed that when I converted my t5n/a to the t56 turbo my bad.
  8. Ba Na T56 Conversion

    Yes that is correct you will ned to get a tail shaft to suit and also grab the cross member out of the car that you taken the t56 from. There is no electrical work to be done it should work with the t5 stuff. GK
  9. iPhone

    Arnt the nokia N96 about 900???
  10. Dry Ice

    You could use a water to air cooler after your air to air unit. Refrigerate the water supply to the water to air cooler with dry ice and there you go. - intake temps. GK
  11. Quick Vid Of My New Engine Firing Up

    Did you use the special spring retainers on the crow springs?? If so how did you go with installing them?? GK
  12. Fg V8

    Has any body got a FG V8 yet?? How good are they??
  13. Rocket Cover

    That is what Ivan will need to do to his VW :ifiusethisimafag:
  14. Ask your tuner if he can do it for you before hand if not ring around to find somebody who can do it before hand.
  15. Engine Block Rusting Is It Normal

    I do not understand how it would be harder form having rust on it.. I do understand that rust is corrosion and I feel that it would be better if having the chance to treat it. But in saying this it probley will not harm you block for a while yet. GK

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