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  1. Trying to find a repair manual on the fg for my f6 but can't find one anywhere by any of the usual car manual printers,any one know where to get 1 or why there so rare ? Cheers
  2. Cool, thanks to everyone for there info .cheers
  3. f*cken fat fingers lol it was just an idea
  4. Alright seems like a waste of time it was thanks for your input . Cheers
  5. Ok no worries a pointless exercise then by the sounds of it . thanks for the reply Cheers
  6. Just wondering if there is any value in heat wrapping the intake pipes to keep temps cooler if any one has any experiences in this area some feed bak would be great. Cheers
  7. Yep bullsh*t isn't ,my local ford servicing mob want $480 for a minor service& $550 for a major, and all that is oil (probably cheap sh*t), oil filter (cheapest 1 they could find) and a air filter clean which seems no 1dose , that's why I do it myself now & the plus side I can service it every 5k instead of every 10k and use top quality stuff n it's still a bit cheaper than using them!
  8. Yeah typical no surprises there f*cken mechanics nah not replaced but defiantly cleaned yeah autobhan probably wont have them in stock but they should be able to order em (personally I wouldnt let them service my barbecue) I get mine of e-bay $25 , I use a k&n air filter it's good for a million ks so k&n reckon I blow mine out & re oil it every 5000ks but I service my f6 myself , yet to find an descent honest mechanic
  9. Any major brand fully synthetic 15-40w that meets ford specs should be good every f6 is a little different between 6-7 litres mine takes 6.5l so just buy 7l you should be sweet for oil filters I use k&n gold oil filters
  10. Thankz all fir the info very helpful,I guess an exhaust is not as simple as a bolt on mod, oh well off to extreme ford tunning in perth for a base stage 1 for starters n see what happens from there seems like they know their sh*t Cheers
  11. Thankz all fir the info very helpful,I guess it's not as simple as a bolt
  12. Hi guys I'm new to this forum and FPV for that matter and was wondering if any knows roughly how many rwk I would get out of a full 4in xforce exhaust on my 09 fg F6 with no other mods any info on this would be very helpful Cheers
  13. SikFsix

    Ford FPV F6

    Ford FPV F6
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