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  1. Gaz097 unfortunately for us some utter scum has just started copying our plenums and turbo manifolds. We have never sold on gumtree. If anyone has further info please pm me. Cheers Will from spoolinboost
  2. Every time I have done a bigger plenum swap on spring pressure I have found the boost has changed with a drop as rpm increase. Only a pound or two but I feel you would be better off using some form of boost control to be able to level boost out again if required. I have a spoolinboost plenum you can add to the comparisons if your interested.
  3. Happy Birthday turbo_will!

  4. Happy Birthday turbo_will!

  5. No, the turbo box has extra clutch packs etc and is the stronger box.
  6. Happy Birthday turbo_will!

  7. I have also found in my setup higher comp will make more power on the same boost and required less timing.
  8. Good work dude keen to see how you go. Do you think with less boost you will be able to make more power with car taking more timing?
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