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  1. Happy Birthday Capo!

  2. Happy Birthday Capo!

  3. Happy Birthday Capo!

  4. Happy Birthday Capo!

  5. Hi guys, sorry I missed the wharf lunch (have rellies up), it would have been good to catch up seeing I have been away most of the year. -5 where I have been, forgot how damn cold it got down there. Took the rellies out to Lichfield on Saturday and on the way back had a bloody bird doing 150km/h go through my grill. The bird didn't put up any fight when I found it wrapped around the aircon piping. Lucky no damage other than the grill. Graham, I may see you in NQ next year, moving back down that way in December. I too will miss the speed limit (or lack of) up here. Hope I can catch up with everyone before I leave the NT in December. Capo
  6. Hi guy's, yeah should get together soon. Off to bloody freezing Bandiana for five weeks on Sunday. should do a BBq somewhere after so I can thaw out. Could do a day at the wharf or wherever this Saturday if anyone is interested. Cheers Capo
  7. Sorry guy's, jetboat is all go and they want to use it. Leave tomorrow, get back on the 24th. March seems clear at this stage. Maybe we can get something happening next month as well! Cheers Capo
  8. Capo

    Clunking Aircon

    I'm not sure on how the vents are opened whether they are electric or use the gas in the system. It seemed like the vent went to a point and then snapped open causing the bang, we could feel it through the floor. I thought something was hitting under the floorpan like you have said about your car. Not saying this is your problem but sounds similar. Not sure on how far in Ford went looking for the cause of the loud vent (not in town at that time) but they said the leak was very slow from the radiator area and needed welding. The symptom of the cracked piping caused the passenger side to circulate warm air while the drivers side had cool air. It would change from one side to another after a while, at least I had half a cool car. The vents open normally now, I can hear the passenger vent open fully with no bang. Hope this helps. Cheers Capo
  9. Love to but the wife has to work this weekend, she's been having a big whinge it's too far to walk or ride a pushbike to Robbo so she's insisting she has the car. She said she wanted to get fit, this is the perfect oportunity but she doesn't see it my way. Cheers Capo
  10. Capo

    Clunking Aircon

    Didn't have a clunk but a fairly loud bang which sounded like it came from underneath the car when aircon was turned on (scared the crap out of us for a while). It happened so often I traced it down to the vent on the passenger side when it opened (or so it seemed). The aircon had issues soon after when it split a pipe and lost gas. I told Ford about the bang when I had the piping repaired, they said they found nothing wrong with the vents and could not re-created the bang, I have not had this problem since the pipe has been fixed and the system re-gased. Cheers Capo
  11. Hi guy's had a couple of interesting days. Got a service done at Ultratune and on picking up the car was told I needed a new Air-fillter, thought I must have picked up a lot of bugs and crap on the drive up. Turns out there wasn't an Air-filter in it. Had some warranty work done in Townsville that would have required removing the air intake so I'm guessing it was not replaced when put back on. Next drama happened on Stuart Highway at some stoplights. Pulled up at lights waiting for the green and a small Suzuki shopping trolly pulls up behind me. I watch it stop in the mirror and then go back to watching the lights, next I feel the car being shunted forward. Idiot behind me crept forward until we hit. Blinker on to turn onto a service road to kill this guy and he drives straight on, blood boiled straight away and wife pleaded not to get body parts all over the car. Chased him down (didn't take long) and got him to pull over, didn't realise we had hit was his story. Checked the back of my car and not a mark on it, couldn't even see where we had touched. The tongue for the tow-bar is going back on, I don't care how many times I walk into it. Cheers Capo
  12. Did a run to Lichfield National Park today, I love this open speed limit, getting somewhere doesn't take all that long. The Kakadu run would be great Pete, was going to call in on the way but couldn't remember how to get to your place. Next time I go out that way I'll give you a shout and get some directions. Cheers Capo
  13. 14th for lunch it is, happy to have the other guy's over as well if they are interested. Could do that photo shoot as well, the more the better photo!! Can you give me some numbers so I will know what we need and I will send you the address. Looking forward to a good day, new BBQ to break in. Cheers Capo
  14. oops wrong button, sent that last one a bit early. Pete, Mick, Haffa, QTR, just throwing around some dates, 14 or 21 Jan, both Saturday's BBQ my place, lunch or dinner depending on what everyone has on. Some feed back would be good!! Cheers Capo
  15. G'Day guy's, All settled in (sort of)

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