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  1. Happy Birthday harasn!

  2. The wife and I have recently become adicted to snow skiing! Knew we couldn't fit chains to the XR cause the owners manual says not to! Potential for damage to the car! So we took our other car which is a new suzuki with 14" wheels! No problems with chains on it! Got to Mount Buller, and a BA XR8 passed me on the way up the mountain! Kept up with him, winding up the hill with the tyres screeching, and parked next to him at the top. I asked him what he does about when he has to fit chains, and he said he has been up heaps of times and all he does is jack the car up and fit the chains he bought from autobarn and away he goes, no probs! I was amazed! Later in the day I had a look over his car to check for damage, and noticed nice big rub marks on his rims! he never washes his car so doesn't know or care what damage is being done! So what are we to do? My plan is to buy a set of alloy 16" wheels and fit them up when I want to go to the snow! Then I had another idea to fit racing type road registerable tyres to these rims and use them for track days! whats your ideas?
  3. harasn

    Diff Bush

    The differential centre in the rear of the car is mounted in a subframe that holdes the rear suspension and the diff. There are 3 bushes that hold the centre in place. One at the back and one on each side. Unfortunately, they wear and split quiet often, even in a territory or something like that, so tend to go more often on the high power and possible harder driven cars. Manuals make the issue worse as there is the loading and unloading all the time on gear changes. It is a time consuming job and not to be done at home. Best left to the dealerships! Hope this helps! Mark
  4. It is amazing what people will say when they have no idea! The reason the speed limit it on the space saver tyre is due mainly to the handling of the vehicle. As we should all know, you try to keep the same tread pattern tyre on the front and the same on the back so the handling of each end is the same! By putting these skinny tyres on the car on one side, the handling is affected. I doubt alot of people would tell the difference but the risk for the manufacturer is not worth it!
  5. harasn

    Found Another Option

    Nah sorry, I didnt get it through ebay - I got his details and emailed him because I only wanted the convertor, whereas the kit on ebay included a cheapo dvd player. He only lists one ever few weeks, but can make up the convertor in a couple days. Looks like a decent quality set up to me too. I can pm you his address if you like. ← If you could do that it would be great! Its hard to find what I want at a decent price! This system sounds like the right way! Have you got a reverse camera set up too?
  6. harasn

    Found Another Option

    The guy on ebay? I have had a look and cant find anything! You got a link? Thought it was going to be easy to sort out all this but there are to many options!
  7. harasn

    Found Another Option

    I have just been following this up at autobarn as we deal with them through work. They say the VDO box is slow to load up and all that compared to the Alpine stuff. But at around $400 its a price I would pay. Never in a rush to load a DVD anyway! The alpine stuff seemed to have to many options to pick before you could load a DVD anyway. I was also told the reverse camera would be around $500! WTF. Can anyone see a reason we couldn't use one from jarcar or the like? I wont be going through these guys as they only wanted me to buy the new thing on the block as they have not fitted one yet! And there prices are high! I told them I only wanted to use DVD on the screen and a reverse camera! They kept telling me I could and speakers and sh*t! haha! Sell me what I want or I walk away! Tools! Its beginning to look like the factory ASL logistics supplied stuff might be the go for me! About the same price if have to buy this expensive camera, a dvd player and the like! what are your guys thoughts! The alpine hub as $1300 then you had to buy the other stuff as well!
  8. harasn

    90,000 Km Service

    Lots of stuff been happening mate! Changing jobs and all sorts! Didn't think anyone would remember me! haha! Can't say we have to many customers that have boiled the brake fluid, but hey its worth the extra money for the good stuff! Doesn't last as long though from memory!
  9. harasn

    90,000 Km Service

    90,000km service consists of the usual engine oil and filter change, but also add a fuel filter and air filter change. Then the vehicle check over! The westpoint price sounds right as I was probably the one who quoted you! haha! How binks can charge that much more I do not know unless they do a handbrake adjustment as part of the service? With 90km on the clock, your car is probbly a few years old. Brake fluid should be replaced at 2 years old as it draws in moisture and becomes useless. Coolant should be replaced at 3 years also. But we will test all of that for you! See you when you book in!
  10. I have photo of car in colour you want but can not upload it! WTF!
  11. harasn

    Cool Bonnet Ideas

    very clever kids! dont come crying to a dealer when your car starts to run like sh*t! We have a couple of cars that when they have sat still and it rains, water gets on top of the engine! others have front facing ducts and the water gets forced in! Your car and your warranty.
  12. harasn

    Cool Bonnet Ideas

    You guys need to be carefull of adding bonnet scoops to your cars with opening on them. We have a customer who has added a bonnet scoop and is now having trouble with water getting into the sparkplug holes and shorting out the coils making the car run rough. Even though there is a cover on the 6 cylinders to seal out moisture, if water sits on it the it gets through. Just food for thought!
  13. harasn

    A Sign From Above!

    Hey guys, I found this while trawling Ebay for so stuff for the car! Worth the money I recon! Just to stir those Expensive Daewoo girls! http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...4541614410&rd=1
  14. harasn

    A Sign From Above!

    I'd love to but I no longer work for FORD! No sh*t!
  15. harasn

    Lower Temp Thermostat In Turbo

    Running the cooling system with a lower temp thermostat, will not change the intake temp one bit! Intake temp is dictated by the ambient temp of the air in front of the car, and by any cooling of the intercooler. Radiator temp has nothing to do with this. Those who think it will need to bow there heads in shame ;-) Running a cooler thermostat will result in increased fuel consumption, and black exhaust smoke, if you go to far. The factory spends ages calibrating thngs like this and you know better? hhhmmm! I think not! As for thermostat temp giving more power anywhere in the rev range
  16. I could tell you but then I would have to kill you all! Lets just say they are an awesome car, even if they are/are not the fastest australian ford ever
  17. harasn

    Snow Chains on your XR with 17" wheels

    nah couldn't afford it! rather a XR6T with the callibration for the F6 ECU in it! Can be done, so I hear if you have the right number of gears in the gearbox!
  18. harasn

    Snow Chains on your XR with 17" wheels

    Somehow im sure harasn has a few spares lying around at his work...... :lol: :lol: funny you should mention that! shame we cant have them! will try to find the engineer involved in the wheels and that cause I know we test with chains but unsure what they do! I have heard those diamond chains are better though! still dont like the idea of rubbing on the wheel!
  19. harasn

    Vehicle Service Experience Survey

    Actually they do act on these forms. I filled one out on one of the BA's I have had,and was rung up about the wind noise problems I had. They got a mechanic from the proving ground to ring me, pick up the car, take it in, fixed the problem and a free tank of fuel to boot! not bad for nothing! Was funny when they realised I was a fellow proving ground worker but! So take the time to fill it in, cause in all honesty, how, if the dealers dont do sh*t about and problem, and probably not even tell ford about it, are ford meant to fix the cars and the like! Doesn't hurt to fill it in! There has been alot of problems with door adjustment, but ford wasn't hering about it, till they got feed back through these forms, funny how every BA I've had had to have the doors done!
  20. yeh when I picked it up I thought they stuffed the colour up cause it was brown! I love it in the sun! wife hates it and tells me it has to got at 6 month! oh well, I just have to get the ba mk2 in 6 speed manual
  21. yeh your pretty much spot on! I am ford employy and try, if resale trade in is good, to change over every 6 months! I'll let you know a price when I get a valuation closer to change over time! expecting around 37k!
  22. last one! all those shots tend to show how different the car looks from one end to the other in different lighting! very odd! Starting to see more and more of this colour around but I think mine was the first! We have had it since the end of May! Want to buy this car? Can be yours on its 6 month old birthday! Price negotiable!

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