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  1. 10SECN

    Cms Fg Xr6T

    Top work mate. Good to see the times tumbling. I'm out of the game at the mo. Car is sold. But looking into an fgx in the future. Precision powered ofcourse lolol
  2. We got 51 cars in the top 50 veva. dawes video
  3. Qld silver service Dean / RDP a6 g6e 10.12 @ 138mph.. previousky position 36
  4. Ps. Dawes 10.19 is faster then tony flash 10.19
  5. Lol im on struggle street also. I was 18 at one stage lol
  6. Will hire a P I and get back to ya lol
  7. Nsw name unknown / castle hill exhaust a6 g6e 10.09 @ 138
  8. Nsw Dawes / nizpro a6 xr6 T - wsid 10.25 @ 138
  9. 10SECN

    Cms Fg Xr6T

    No tune for me yet. my fuel system is not up to the task yet. And still deciding on what set up to use
  10. 10SECN

    Cms Fg Xr6T

    Yeah thought I posted on here last week. Was getting notifications but couldn't see sh*t lol. 10.5 is a step in the right direction
  11. 10SECN

    Cms Fg Xr6T

    Nice work mate. Will be very keen to see how it goes down at wsid
  12. I wanted to keep under 500 kW mark and Try and keep my motor in one piece lol. Not ever keen on building a motor
  13. Pt 6235 just fitted. Few other bits and pieces to come (fuel system wise). Then hopefully low 10,s come winter
  14. Qld dean sliver service / real Dyno a6 g6e sedan 10.47 @ 133. Fastest gt3540
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