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  1. Happy Birthday Troubador1966!

  2. Happy Birthday Troubador1966!

  3. Troubador1966

    Bf Mkii Won't Start Battery Only New

    Anyone know approximate cost for starter motor through Ford? and thanks guys for all your help
  4. Troubador1966

    Bf Mkii Won't Start Battery Only New

    Thanks guys, I have checked the battery connections again, there is nothing at all (not turning over) all instrument lights and command centre appear and I haven't had any trouble with radio turning off or engine cutting off whilst driving recently. I also haven't noticed any of the warning lights being on whilst driving! It gives the normal click when key turned but no turn over?? I have to confess I know zero mechanically but love these cars! I'm thinking I need to get someone to look at it. I was hoping there was an easy fix and thought maybe this could be a common problem?
  5. Troubador1966

    Bf Mkii Won't Start Battery Only New

    Thanks for reply, it's the 6 speed sequential
  6. Can anyone help out please, my beloved Xr6t is not starting? It did this a couple of weeks ago and I had to leave it overnight at a local servo. Went back late the next day and it started, also last week only this time I persisted by jiggling ignition and pushing auto shift from neutral to park. It took about 10 minutes or so before luckily started. I read a post regarding F6 button not starting and wonder if this is the starter motor?? Fortunately it's in my drive this time!

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