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  1. Happy Birthday spoonage!

  2. Happy Birthday spoonage!

  3. Happy Birthday spoonage!

  4. Happy Birthday spoonage!

  5. Happy Birthday spoonage!

  6. spoonage

    Honda Ad

    http://www.linkshard.com/link.asp?ID=775 that's it :D
  7. http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/ <- check out the front page streaming video thing in the corner. Exact same circumstance as you! Weird.
  8. Get 'em to rectify it mate, and fast. ← Befor you break a ringland ← Do you keep driving around Canberra? I keep seeing a rapid T with black wheels. Damn Sydney-siders
  9. spoonage

    Toy Rader Gun

    ....well that's time well spent eh. ← I want your gamma radiation detector
  10. Thanks to Ben over at Random Studios for showing me these:
  11. I had the same problem with the BTR auto - replaced o2 sensor and it doesn't do it anymore. It happened more often if I put the car straight into reverse after starting. So perhaps get the o2 sensor checked out? Are you finding high fuel consumption as well?
  12. http://www.trianglecables.com/cotovicovgad.html Would that be suitable?
  13. R34 front end yeah, that's for sure.
  14. http://phil.theglobecast.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=5 Unsure if this is a repost or not, sorry if it is, but it appears that the VE Late model camira has been captured at Ling Lang without cammo, and there is a Statesman/Caprice there too. http://phil.theglobecast.com/gallery/thumb...?album=3&page=3 Interior pics there too without the covers
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