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  1. G&T's by the pool [emoji106][emoji1787]
  2. had an aircon guy come over today and checked all 4 units clean bill of health except the bedroom one which needed a chem-clean which turned out not so bad I originally got him to come to check that particular one cos I thought it had a major problem it was taking about 4-5 minutes to come on turns out that all I had to do was set it to cool rather than auto, and hey presto, all fixed that made me feel good but the thing that really floated my boat was when he looked at the study aircon and saw my PC to say he was impressed is an understatement, lots of ooh's and ahh's and wow's asked if he could take some pics, snap-chatted to his friend and asked me lots of questions about water cooling he spent more time checking it out than the aircon I had a stupid grin from ear to ear he also made Mrs BCB feel good said we had a beautiful home and it must feel like we're always on holiday ahhhh, BCB resort in the burbs
  3. double cheese burger had a blood test this week Doctor said my cholesterol was slightly elevated......................can't figure out why
  4. WTF!!!!!!!!!!! $200 for an optical drive, must be gold plated
  5. I don't think we'll have to wait that long [emoji2]
  6. I'm gunna wait a bit and see what's going on when the dust settles
  7. sorry I stand corrected, I have my framerate set to 144
  8. not true turn settings ingame from ultra to high and GPU will run at 70-80% some games even run 80-90% with everything on ultra
  9. I love you @JETURBO and you have never even set eyes on my car (cos live 6150 klm round trip away) if only you lived in QLD...................................
  10. my GTX 1080 is already maxed out at 100% in the games I play @ 1440p/144Hz (144 FPS in Project Cars 2) with the card running OC'd @ 1936 MHz (default clock is 1633 MHz) and runs at a max of around 50°C that's with most settings on ultra (not Micro Flight Sim cos GPU killa) I want a GPU that will run all settings on ultra (@1440p/144Hz) with room to move (not running at 100% all the time) and theoretically it will run cooler and therefore last longer not that my 1080 runs hot (cos water cooled) for me an upgrade to a 3080 would be a massive jump in performance
  11. I'll be waiting for some water blocks to come out before I buy a 3080 cos who even air cools bra? [emoji1787]
  12. not as cheap as I had hoped for but still way cheaper than the 2080 ti before these cards came along considering I paid $1250 dollars for a GTX 690 in 2012 which had a massive 4 GB of memory, these prices are bloody awesome testing real world game scenarios @ 4K and easily smashing all titles heaps more than the 2080 ti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (except metro exodus DLSS)
  13. I'd say the G6ET was very neglected, not "very tidy"
  14. hi @bitcrusher just about all my game play is racing sims realism is my preference so zombie apocalyptic or fantasy type games don't interest me did play the battlefield series and cod back in the day but not into that now
  15. Had 10 pin bowling party with work today Didn't get prize for worst bowler Winning [emoji106][emoji1787][emoji23]
  16. Rib-eye steak here [emoji38][emoji898]
  17. 2080 ti's are selling fast should be all sold just in time for the 3080
  18. at least 2 people couldn't wait for a 3000 series
  19. I'll sell you my GTX 1080 if you want never overclocked only used on Mondays to check emails and never been run over 30° C special price just for you
  20. Can justify spending 1.1k on a graphics card Can't justify spending 2.5k+ [emoji33]
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