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  1. so I borrowed my mates car ramps yesterday, one hour, burnt knuckles, and a few scratches later, no joy the AC outlet comes out of the floor directly above the transmission with a square boot like arrangement then does a 90 degree turn where it transitions to a round hose about 8mm in diameter. I tried various cable ties, wire and pliers, but couldn't get anything to turn the 90 degrees. I have decided that I will try again when the car is cold so I can get my arm right up on top of the trans. all was not lost though, I had a good look at the dump pipe and cat and have decided to make my own 4" dump, buy a 100cpi cat and flange it into the factory exhaust. I'm a welder fabricator and my workplace has a water jet cutter (perfectly cut flanges) I cannot justify spending $500+ on an xforce 4" dump, when I can make one for less than $100!!!! (someone is ripping us off)
  2. The drive I did was very sedate, and only overtook 2 cars (not many cars on the road) and I only dragged off a couple of cars in town off the lights. as far as injectors go, I want to put in a 4" dump and 100cpi cat, id1000 injectors and a flash tune box. Everything I have read points to these things as the cheapest KW gains. I want to retain the original cat back exhaust because it is sooooooo quiet and I don't want to draw any unwanted attention
  3. thank you Ralph, I hope its just the drain blocked as I really don't want to have to take the dash out!
  4. Hi Guys, never owned a Ford before . Had my G6ET for about 4 months now. I absolutely LOVE it I have always got my adrenaline fix on bikes, currently have a Ducati ST3s. I sold my pristine Suzuki GSXR 1000 to make up the numbers to buy my Ford. (I'm getting too old for 100% sports bikes) I honestly do not regret the sacrifice!!! I love the way I can smoke people off the lights (literally) BTW, I've just turned 50, and no, I don't play bowls!
  5. Hi All, just wondering how accurate the onboard computer is. I have only recently purchased this car, had 38000klm when purchased, now 42000klm. Speedo is VERY accurate(within 1 klm per hour at 100) I had 11klm/100 on average fuel consumption which I had not reset since purchase. I have been driving it half and half, cruising/fast acceleration since I picked it up (absolutely LOVE it ) I reset the Avg Econ and went for a drive (about 160klm return) which was mostly open road cruising, but also through my town twice (Cairns) on the way there and back. I saw 8.5klm/100 when on the open road, by the time I had come back home through town I had 8.7klm/100 on the Avg Econ. To me this seems exceptional for the amount of power I have on tap. The car does have a 4" intake, pod filter, battery relocation and a aluminum intercooling piping. Previous owner said there was no other mods done. Is this a realistic fuel usage scenario, or should I be looking at actual liters I put in the tank to klms I have driven.
  6. I have a 2008 G6ET that has an annoying water leak from the aircon that runs down to my right foot. It only leaks when hard on the gas or brakes or "spirited" change of direction. Just wondering if anyone knows of a drainage issue, or if there is a drainage tube that needs clearing/replacing. I have attached pic with the line of leek in red.
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