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  1. 11 hours ago, bossmang said:

    so do a reset? 

    you are better off to wipe windoze and start again


    step 1: download windoze iso file and burn to a disc or USB drive:   https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10


    step 2: install on PC:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbGkPYtXtmA



    this method is far superior than a "reset" as it gets rid of all old windoze crap 

    only problem is you need a running PC to download and copy iso file


    if you need to activate win 10 for free, this option works every time   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF8zrede5-U


    please note, you will loose ALL your old data!

  2. 35 minutes ago, violetpop said:

    That red thing of yours would sound pretty glorious on song though..

    sure does, has been mistaken for a 748 by riders sitting at the top of our favorite range much to their surprise when I came around the last corner on a sports tourer :aaggl:

    very deep, loud sound from the straight through mufflers


    35 minutes ago, violetpop said:

    .. The tard, brake late? no drama.. Brake absolutely fkn sh*t scared folding the front late? No drama.

    I'm still coming to terms with this fact


    did ride up the Gilles hwy last saturday with the wrong crew

    was supposed to meet up with the lads at a servo and go from there

    but I was on the wrong side of the servo  

    thought it was strange I didnt know anyone, just thought that the regulars mustn't have made it

    when we took off up the range I was about 3rd from the front of the pack out of about 12 or so riders

    ended up being a bit of a mobile chicane and got past by about 5 guys

    did have the front end "fold" a couple of times trying to stay with them, but that was due to me and too much input on the bars rather than pushing the tire too much

    the only time I caught them was when the road turned wet and they all slowed up 


    turns out they are called the "gravel grinders" by the guys I've ben riding with for the past few months

    because apparently someone is nearly always getting an ambo ride home


    I'll make sure I'm with the slower group next weekend :yes:

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  3. On 28/04/2021 at 6:11 PM, violetpop said:

    Dragged out my tarded drz and spent the arvo checking it over and getting an idea of what I need to get it going again.

    took my Ducati ST3s out of the shed last weekend to take Mrs BCB for a squirt with some friends

    hadn't ridden it since before christmas.........................cos now have awesome supermoto to play on

    bloody hell bud

    wot a heavy POS the Ducati feels compared to my KTM

    201 Kg and 105 Hp compared to 112 Kg and 58 Hp

    almost twice as heavy but also almost twice as powerful, obviously not even close to a modern sportsbike for power 


    me mate reckoned, "it's a bike, just enjoy it" and I did

    good for it's purpose, really comfy and great to take a pillion, and for a 14 year old bike it still looks pretty mint 



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  4. 4 hours ago, violetpop said:

     Been nearly 2 years since I've ridden a bike might need training wheels.


    yeah nah mate

    you'll be fine

    it's just like riding a bike........................................................................................................................:hammerhead:

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  5. out and about early this morning for a run up the range and bacon and eggs at Elis Beach on the way back 
    the lads let me lead the pack up the range cos nobody wants to be overtaken by a chook chaser :sarcastichand:







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  6. 1 hour ago, masda74 said:

    Tested and temps have come down. Not as much as I was expecting, but definitely has come down.

    I was so used to the temps I had with the I7 4770 and the EVGA 1080Ti, I was expecting to be in the high 30's or low 40s.

    I was on 49 for CPU and 55 for the GPU.

    This is mine at idle, CPU temps are alot higher than my Intel CPU was

    when gaming for any extended period of time I will see the occasional spike to 70 for the CPU running 60 t0 65 majority of the time and GPU runs around the 60 mark 




    9 minutes ago, masda74 said:

    My Case comes with a Vertical card holder, just does not have the PCI riser cable.


    The RTX3090 on the other hand.

    with all that GPU cooler bling you have to install it vertically

    I have a spare riser cable in my supplies, do you want it?


    this one 



    I have opened the carboard box but never opened the plastic 

    never used it cos bracket I bought had its own riser cable 



  7. Been looking at farm properties to buy
    Putting an offer on one tomorrow
    103 acers , 50 acers cleared and fenced, 3 springs and a permanent creek, the rest rainforest
    3 bedroom home, shed and cattle yards
    Free beef here we come


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  8. Needs new bushes front and rear and shocks/springs
    Clear coat is deteriateing rapidly on the roof and bonnet
    The list goes on and on
    I would love to come down and have you work on her.............
    But just blew my dough on building a Supermoto bike (10k total) so the poor old girl will have to wait

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