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  1. Happy Birthday SWMBO!

  2. Happy Birthday SWMBO!

  3. Happy Birthday SWMBO!

  4. Happy Birthday SWMBO!

  5. SWMBO

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy 50th Birthday Sweetheart, Hope to spend another 50 with you Lots of Love.............................swmbo oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo
  6. Hi everyone, Just letting you know Ken has put me in charge of kid's activities for the day. I just would like to know how many Kids will be attending on the day. So far I have six accounted for including 4runner's 2, scruffman's 3, and Gary Crawler's 1. Could you please let me know of any others. There will be a few activities for the kids to do while on the run, including prizes for a mini observation rally (nothing to hard to cause arguments) Also hoping for good weather, we will have a game of cricket at the lunch stop (Bulli) for the kids (also the big kids are allowed to participate) Our afternoon stop is the Appin Pub, but for those people who would like a coffee instead of a sooothing ale (come on I will need it, after being in the car with Ken all day) there is a cafe across the road called Appin Corner Cafe. Also Appin Pub has a great playground for the kids (hoping to drop Ken off there) Looking forward to seeing everyone Ken's better half
  7. I decided to do an Easter Egg hunt for the kids on Sunday, when they called in to collect their eggs. They all found their eggs in about two minutes. Ken's eggs I put on his pillow, out in the open, and he couldn't find them. And you have made his Cruise Controller, are you people out of your minds.
  8. Hey! Don't you go involving my supervisor in this ... that's not fair! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey Ian he is fibbing, he hasn't been busy with work, he has been busy looking after my needs
  9. Stu and family always welcome at the hobbit hutch, was so good to see you all. I am so looking forward to Tassie MK111, I hear that it will be posted soon. Was looking at the calendar and its only 9 months to go. :w00t:
  10. SWMBO

    The Birthday Thread

    Fraggle hope you have a wonderful day, and I hear your coming up in the new year to rescue me from hairy.
  11. SWMBO

    The Birthday Thread

    to Voy. Cain have a great Birthday, sorry Ken and I can't be there to help you celebrate. Have a great day, hope you get lots of pressies.
  12. SWMBO

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday John, hope you have a great day, Would love to be able to give you another 80% shot, was priceless watching you spit it back in Ken's face
  13. SWMBO

    SA chitchat

    Cain and Ken drove me nuts on Sunday, dragging me to every Ford Dealer in Adelaide to drool over cars They didn't take me to one Craft shop. How Rude
  14. And you people wonder why I run screaming from the house everyday listening to Ken's new thoughts
  15. Hooray for Tassie Oysters, keep up the good work boofhead

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