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  1. Happy Birthday maximum_velocity!

  2. Happy Birthday maximum_velocity!

  3. Happy Birthday maximum_velocity!

  4. Happy Birthday maximum_velocity!

  5. this "pass out" thing was lost in translation for me I dont get it. If your heading out tonight PM please guys I should be in.
  6. Nice car trent, love the new G6-E Turbos, I should have waited another year and got one of them instead. Oh well enjoy it mate, awesome car
  7. get the mk11 manual...the 6sp is way better in every way of the 5sp. Not a real lot of price difference anymore with the way the used car market has dropped in the arse recently.
  8. im not gonna hang sh*t dillz, I know how u feel I used to have an EL I know what its like. Get yourself back into a T, you know that will make you feel better. For the record I think putting 20's on that would be like falling in love with a prosistute.....waste of time. Hope all is fixed
  9. Im a qualified welder and work mainly in transport as a sub contractor building skeleton frames, chassis and bodys for tipping trucks. There is other stuff involved its not just a matter of welding 2 pieces of steel together and going home, the work can be quite physical and hard on the body, espicially in the heat like this week. Money is very good at the moment in the field due to the lack of interest with people wanting to do it (I sometimes dont blame them), I bring home anything from $1500-$2500 and im only 22 years old. My advice would be that unless you really like metal work and dont mind being hot and dirty most days, try plumming or sparky. Good luck
  10. Cant stand her!!! she plays for aus when it suits then changes back then leaves father, then comes back to oz. I think she is a bit of a dick to be honest and find it rather embarassing she is representing us yet again. She will always be remembered for the girl with the f*ckwit father who destroyed the start of what could have been a very decorated and sucessful career..
  11. people see you marcus, they just put there head down, close there eyes and say "keep on driving, keep on driving"
  12. Just to clear it up, senna is right...my car is on 04 and has the 6spd
  13. I agree, I had an EL Fairmont Ghia and twas a great car.... AU has a face a mother couldnt even love
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