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  1. hahah cut? my shout kebabs when I get my license back in 3 weeks , if I get it, hahah last nights cop chase wasn't good...shhh!
  2. Done $200 Ford Dealership. Ty very much hahah
  3. I know the WDS is no longer the current software Ford uses , but Would the WDS be useful for a FG 2009 , if not then one should be for sale soon. I want to use it to input a new VIN code to an Ecu and possibly program keys, and marry up modules to the new ECU
  4. New ECU, VIN import issue

    hey guys I'm having similar issue , would the WDS work on a FG ?
  5. Good FG auto electrician in Sydney?

    I asked on Tuesday, I don't think he's able to, but I will ask again, his phones off. I found this other guy who reckons he can clone my old Ecu info to a donor one $180 if it works, $0 if it doesn't if that doesn't do it I'm taking it straight to ford no more stuffing around.
  6. Good FG auto electrician in Sydney?

    "Rab" - the Ecu is the fault , or a wiring short. I can get keys cut and programmed mobile , including the key for $200 if you guys need him or wanna add it to this forum feel free, these guys are probably not well known but they are "bosses in this game" and about 50% or more cheaper then the rest. My issue is towing it from my place to ford then finding out its the ECU only to have towed it back, that exercise will be about $400, not including the ECU, I got offered a whole set for a FG Turbo Ute $550 second hand (wreckers) but the dilemma with this is , I'm not 100% sure its the ECU. I need a good electrician to come out and test if the ECU is getting power, then at least that saves me towing to Ford and checking etc , or even going down the route of buying an ECU for nothing. Also a key can't be programmed unless it can communicate to the PCM or ECU as you guys might know it. "4321" funny you mention that I just bought an airbag module from him today at "Blacktown" hahaha "Masda74" the Ecu on its own is no good , thanks anyway. Unless you know someone who is SuperGeek and can reprogram it, but then again that would in itself potentially be problematic, and at least $300-$500 from what I've been told , their is a guy who does repair ECU/PCM at South Wentworthville but I am not certain its the ECU. Just need a good sparky to determine if its the ECU or a short somewhere. Ford will answer this for me for $275 minus tow trucking. Glad this post is actually getting some momentum positively, thanks "Rab"
  7. Good FG auto electrician in Sydney?

    is it for a Turbo? do you have the whole kit ? (cluster, door lock, BCM, PCM, transmission Mechatronics?)
  8. Im based in Roselands Sydney in need of someone who knows the FG pretty well. I bought a XR6 FG ute with no key damaged, cars been repaired and got a locksmith out to cut and "try" program a key, error came up communication fail to ECM/PCM , unfortunately he still charged me for the key cutting, key and programming. Here are the issues I have, I can buy a new ECU from Ford for $1200 then $145 a hour to program but the issue here is it may not be the ECU and just a short somewhere. My other dilemma is I got is to bring someone out to test the electrical circuitry to see if the PCM is getting power, although I do not know anyone who is familiar with these cars who won't need to spend 5 hours diagnosing it and possibly not being able to diagnose or wrongly diagnose it.

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