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  1. Happy Birthday Cashmans4!

  2. Horn Not Working

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help with the horn on my G6ET, stopped working a while ago, I put a test light on the connector to the horn and its getting power. I bought a brand new horn and still nothing (works when connected straight to the battery). Horn relay clicks when pressed and fuse is ok, thought it might be a broken earth wire to the horn so I ran a new one from the battery and still nothing. this one has got me stumped!!
  3. Happy Birthday Cashmans4!

  4. Him Module

    hi, just wondering whether anyone has had issues with a HIM module. My dash vents in my G6ET stopped working one day (A/C was still working fine), my partner took it to a dealer for a service and got them to look at it, they said that it needs a new blendoor (which I guess I think is the rod that changes the vents) and needs a new HIM module, at a cost of over $2000! Has anyone else had a problem with this? any advice would be appriciated!
  5. Happy Birthday Cashmans4!

  6. G6E Turbo Issue

    [ yeah mate its doing exactly that, ive found out now that it only rocks when cold, once its warmed up, you can only notice it in the tacho
  7. My G6Et Pics

    nice ride mate! how much benefit did you get with the battery relocation kit and piping?
  8. Leaking Wiper Washer Container

    they arent the biggest washer bottles ive seen anyway!
  9. G6E Turbo Issue

    yeah mate its all on record
  10. G6E Turbo Issue

    ok ive been to ford this morning, they plugged it into the computer and the only codes that come up were battery ones (I think cause I put a new one in last week) apart from that he couldnt see anything unusual. he brought up alot of engine sensors, took it for a drive and he said every seemed fine, he also brought up the wastegate sensor and that was ok, opening and closing when it should and holding pressure so its not leaking. he reset all the sensors and said see how it goes, I'll just have to keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse.
  11. G6E Turbo Issue

    Thanks Jon, I have it booked in at ford tomorrow to get it checked out, I'll let them know about the wastegate solenoid. like you said nothing really to worry about, its just annoying. I'll let you know the outcome.
  12. G6E Turbo Issue

    ive taken the car for a full run tonight, only does it under 3000rpm, in any gear and also in neutral
  13. G6E Turbo Issue

    yeah its constantly doing it
  14. G6E Turbo Issue

    ive checked the overflow bottle, that's all good. I was thinking it might be something with the ecu?
  15. G6E Turbo Issue

    I have an 09 G6E turbo and ive noticed when driving, the tacho moves up and down (about 100rpm) when staying at a constant speed. it can be felt and is quite annoying, just wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem or know why its doing it.

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