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  1. Happy Birthday slygary!

  2. Sorry Mattyp I think you are correct. It's turbo flutter. Sorry for the lack of sound in the vid may need to turn sound right up. F__ken iPhone always fails when you need it to do something simple. trim.945A9446-A998-430C-92FA-0A46D525C788.MOV
  3. Yeah it is the BOV flutter that I can't handle. But I love the massive induction sound.
  4. I just installed a plazmaman 4" intake and battery relocation kit and I can't handle how laud the BOV is now. I have always had a turbo smart 25mm BOV with the stock intake system and you could just hear it. So tried to make a small muffler to add in the plumb back hose. But hasn't helped much. So does anybody know if there is one on the market out there ?
  5. slygary

    ute register

    Heading out for a ride.
  6. The oil cooler kit cost me $650 - $700. The sandwich adapter, hose and fittings are all from eBay. The oil cooler is SETRAB witch I got through work being in the radiator industrial cooling industries, they are top quality great product. The bracket I custom made and designed myself at work, also the rubber mounts on the bracket are a must to soak up vibrations. It just fits in behind the grill with 2-3 mm clearance. I put it behind the grill to get a natural air flow which is the coolest. And yes arronm if you have the larger stepped intercooler nothing will fit behind the grill. When I was doing my research into doing this I seen a couple people mounted them under the car somewhere or behind the bumper and did not have a fan like above. That's a great oil cooler kit arronm.
  7. slygary

    Hard Cover Lights

    I wired in these narva sticky led strips.
  8. Happy Birthday slygary!

  9. Tried to change my fuel filter on my FG MKII thought it would be a 2 min job the rear bolt undone easily but the front bolt was a mother f@#ker it was tightened up sooo tight I totally shagged the hex so I got the vice grips on to it and it finally undone I unscrewed it half way and it stoped it would not screw out so the hex was stuffed I got a new fuel line for $31 from my local ford dealer and reinstalled it with a ryco fuel filter it fitted up orsm no leaks so I ended up putting the stock filter in the vice and managed to unscrew the bolt and found that the thread in the filter was poorly machined it wasn't cut deep enough causing the thread peaks on the bolt to be flattened out.
  10. Installed the aeroflow shifter as is out of the box.
  11. Installed a Aeroflow short shifter in my FG MKII and absolutely love it, gear shifts are nice and tight close together. I did the same as Rancidpunx and changed the oil while I had the car jacked up and the old shifter off the box, I used Castrol Dex III as recommended in the owners manual and also had a use only Dex III sticker on the gear box.
  12. A guy I work with used to be a grease monkey at a ford dealership said that the friction modifier helps with the clutches in the diff and its worth mixing in with the oil, so I went to autobahn and got a tube of this Nulon G70.
  13. I changed the diff oil today in my FG MKII Turbo ute, I used Castrol syntrax 80w-140 full synthetic. I loved the smell of the oil. But later on I had a look in the service manual and found the service intervals for the turbo utes, very short ? every 7,500km, and also noticed there should be some friction modifier added. Is it really needed ? Or just an old wives tale ? Pics of the service manual pages below.
  14. Remove the tube that goes from the turbo down to the intercooler.

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