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  1. Not sure if this thread is still used but can't hurt to try eh? I'm in the market for a new car, chasing an FG XR6T MKII. Priorities are: under 100K kms, leather, prefer white or lightning strike but happy to look at others if its the right car. Manual would be nice but not essential as I know the auto's are great! I am VERY fussy about my vehicles so it would have to be in excellent condition, full service history etc. If there are a couple tasteful mods so much the better! Located in WA and have cash, but may look interstate as there is not much here atm. Cheers, than
  2. Beautiful looking car mate! Plans hopefully in this order would be: Suspension - coilovers most likely as I've been reading all the good reviews on here about the Shockworks Brakes - slotted rotors, possibly Brembo's? and some decent pads Rims - something to keep the weight down! Go fast bits - injectors & tune first So maybe I could factor in an LSD before the go fast bits and all would be well.....any idea what one would set me back?
  3. Yeah I've seen that pic when I was browsing around....I think his favorite colour is black? It was probably all the love for it here that made me include it on my list!
  4. Just not that much out there at the moment unfortunately, and then you get people who have no idea of the market asking for $10K more than what they're worth! Guess I'll have to just bide my time and try to be patient. Seems to be plenty around with cloth but hardly any with leather hence me looking at getting one from over east. Not sure if it was a more popular option in the MKI, because I see heaps of those around! Had also considered the G6eT.....what am I missing out on vs the XR6T? No manual option, no LSD, "softer" ride? Considering that the first thing I'll prob
  5. Hi all, been browsing the forums for a while and thought I should make an introductory post / question! Having come from a Japanese car background initially (180SX, Skyline, Subaru STi) and more recently a VW Golf GTi, a drive in the bro-in-laws FG XR6T has convinced me that I need a RWD turbo skid machine back in my life!! Added wife brownie points are that it will be safe and easily fit the 2 baby seats! Very impressed with the stock power and also at how easily more killerwasps can be released so I'm very excited to purchase. However I am quite fussy so onto my conu
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