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  1. Happy Birthday bandblightfoot!

  2. Ill have to get a demo in your car see what all the hype is about I'm ready to upgrade the turbo. GTX35/76 or the precision.
  3. I used the wd lithium spray on everything seems to have stopped all the noises coming from the rear of my ute. Also changed diff oil which stopped the most noise.
  4. I run +25 8.5 inch on the front and +20 9.5 inch on the rear. You could easily run an 11 on the rear if you get the right offset I have seen it done
  5. I had similar thing in my ba and ended up being the coil packs. Had new plugs installed and re gapped would drive fine till you got up it then was like fuel was cutting out. Dont know if this helps
  6. My mate made that with a 4 inch dump and twin 2 1/5 inch system. My old ba had full 4 inch system and made that but it was quite loud on cold starts.
  7. Yes not a fancy forum name just a boring one
  8. This is mine my turbo looks like it jumps all over the place cant wait for the gtx3582r only couple of weeks now.
  9. Its not the actuator its that the little turbo cant hold that boost all the way they just fall over. You need the gtx version they hold boost and can easily see 360+ rwkw
  10. bandblightfoot


    Remove wheel then remove the two bolts holding the caliper on the stub axle. Rotor will fall off pretty easy job just dont let the caliper hang and stretch and break the lines.
  11. Wouldnt be cane season without them tipping over trying to fit an extra run in at breakneck speeds
  12. Still there and outside the school as well. It seems everyone doesnt stick to the limit out there
  13. I ran the xyzs in my vy ute and they were better than the pedders coilovers in my ba xr6 turbo. Didnt think it was worth running coilovers with a leaf spring rear end this time around.
  14. Drive through jacobs well every morning and the council has a few fg-x utes running around out there. Not a fan yet but who knows it might grow on us.
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