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  1. Happy Birthday Dave Lowy!

  2. Happy Birthday Dave Lowy!

  3. Happy Birthday Dave Lowy!

  4. Cheers Goliath.. Would like to do some more things but need to watch the cash flow at the moment due to work and contracts ending and not knowing if I have a job by Nov...
  5. Just a little that I did to my ute with plasti dip..
  6. Awesome thread especially for someone like me who just purchased a 04 BA MKII XR6T Ute and I'm wanting to get a little more power out of it.. This thread has helped me heaps in understanding what to do to get that little bit more which I wont.. Thanks for all the posts and advice for us newbies.. Will post mt progress as I go.. Cheers
  7. Hi All, New to the thread, Just bought myself a BA XR6 turbo ute.. Im from Cambridge Park, Penrith.. Looking forward to some cruises and meeting members to get some advice on what I can do to my ute to make it a little better.. cheers Dave
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