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  1. Happy Birthday Ali_g!

  2. Happy Birthday Ali_g!

  3. That looks awesome jet50t ill be doing the same as you now that I've seen them fitted.. Mk1 is the bomb compared to the mk2 I agree.
  4. Ford Xr6 turbo
  5. Ford Xr6 turbo ute
  6. Thanks Mirage for your help, where did you purchase your headlights? Just from ford or another source? I'm guessing they arnt cheap, and also the switch relays to suit? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a mk1 2011 xr6 turbo ute. I'm wondering if the new mk2 xr6 projector headlights would be interchangeable into the mk1, at a glance they seem the same shape but I'm wondering if anyone has done this conversion or knows if its possible without having to change to the mk2 front bumper as I believe the mk1 bumper is much nicer. Thanks..

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